[Recruiting] Paragon eSports looking for active players [EU]

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[Recruiting] Paragon eSports looking for active players [EU]

Post by Wabbitface » 14 Oct 2013, 00:54

Hello team-seekers!

We have been around since 2004 under a different name (European Server Clan), now in January 2013 it was changed over to Paragon eSports and we've had a number of improvements such as the new website & Game Servers.

We currently host over 25 of our own servers covering most game modes and we have our own Teamspeak 3 server with plenty private rooms that can easily accessed and filled so you won't be bothered by random people! We regularly post news and updates about the game, community & events. We also have a cool nifty match result system on our website to record how well you have been doing over time and display your team activity to all.

So whether you're looking for a clan-style environment or a highly competitive and academic atmosphere then Paragon might be the place for you!

Currently we have about 25 active members now of this posting, many others have either stopped playing Shootmania or got kidnapped (we will never know :? ), but after a month of recruiting we would probably expect another 5 members joining.

So if you are interested in joining be sure to join us on these conditions:
  • -Your active on Teamspeak. This is not only the place we chill out and have a banter, but this is the best way to communicate and the best way for us to get to know you and become friends!

    -You are fun and a nice person to play with.

    -Your active on our forums, offering suggestions & constructive criticism/opinions on various topics to help further the development of our community.

    -You are a respectable person and respects others, helpful to new players within ShootMania and nice to current Shootmaniacs!

    If you have a problem with any of these conditions then I am sorry to say we cannot accept you.
Setting up a new team, adding a current team & the benefits that go along with it

First thing I want to mention is your team is your responsibility, from the Team name to the setting team up on ESL to signing up for cups/tournaments and to uploading results to our 'matchticker' on our website. Once your team is all set up I ask you to get in touch with myself 'Wabbitface' who will create your team private channel on Teamspeak and create a squad on the website for the matchticker.

Once that's done your team is now officially a Paragon secondary team. In order to become a Main team and be featured you must take part in regular online cups & tournaments and Paragon Management can consider your team.

Seccondary Teams - While representing Paragon you can add your team title after your name.

Primary Teams - Can display their team title before their name and will have access to their own private server which will also display their team title with the player lineup in the description.

How to join us
First off you can join us in Teamspeak

  • paragon-esports.com:9992

Say hello and spend time with us, make sure to let us know that you want to join our community and feel free to stick around for a week or two, by then we would have come to a decision. If we are late on the decision please remind us and don't disappear on us. You will also need to apply using our application form on our forums, please make it easy for us to read by either doing it in a question/answer format or more like a story about yourself.

Paragon's main prerogative is that we strive to be the friendliest, fairest, and most welcoming organisation in all of eSports. This means that we have a zero-tolerance policy on abusive behaviour, and it's punishable by an instant ban from our servers. This means we can guarantee a friendly welcome whenever you join!

We sincerely hope you enjoy your stay with us, and hope to catch you in Teamspeak and in-game!

If you have any questions feel
free to send me a private message
on the Maniaplanet Forums.


Liam 'Wabbitface' Watson
Community Leader of Paragon eSports
Website URL: http://paragon-esports.com
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Re: [Recruiting] Paragon eSports looking for active players

Post by yopipo » 22 Dec 2013, 19:56

hi, i'm interested in your team, If i could contact you, it would be perfect.
I'm called carapoulpe on steam/shootmania/skype
I hope I'll see you ASAP

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