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Looking for a a team

Posted: 05 Jul 2014, 10:32
by xzeal

So I am looking for a team, I am an Estonian (rare I know, in obstacle mode I am the only one from here with a ranking) I am Echelon 3 in Elite mode at the moment, I play obstacle mode from time to time (not very good at it, but I finish) I also play Trackmania Stadium occasionally. I am 27 years old. I am available to play on weekends and after 19:00CET on weekdays (60hours of game time in total according to steam so far). Currently on a 2 week holiday and got no big plans *hint* *hint*. Before you ask - yes I have bought the game and I am not playing a demo (assuming this is a thing people ask). Also - I am too poor to go on distant holidays where I am unavailable for weeks and rich enough to buy any future maniaplanet titles upon release (which I am much more likely to do if there is someone to play them with).

Looking for a team where I wouldn't be "that weird old guy". A team which has matches or events or something on a monthly or weekly basis, aka actually is a team more than in name (not that important if I "make the cut" every single time there is a competitive event, but occasionally it would be nice to contribute). A team that communicates in English (... I guess I could manage in very broken Finnish too?). My skill matches my rank at the moment - I pout up a decent fight against echelon 5-6 and mostly win and dont have trouble with Echelon 0-1. So I am looking for a team which doesn't find that impressive yet considers it good enough :).

Been a good 5-6 years since I have been part of a team in any game, but I enjoy this one quite a bit and see myself playing it... a lot. I am not the chatty social type on the forums, but I do tend to lay down cheesy one-liners and "captain obvious" level observations during a match from time to time :P.

I use the nickname "xzeal" in the game leave a post here, send me a forum message or add me in game (or add me on steam (I use the name Harri there level 20, shouldn't be too hard to find)).

Thank you for reading through all this and I look forward to hearing from you.


Re: Looking for a a team

Posted: 12 Jul 2014, 19:07
by xzeal
and it is a week later and.... nothing...

so ... forget about this topic as being active is not enough to get into a team in this game. Which means the team thing is dead or dying. I will just keep playing with out a team then.

Re: Looking for a a team

Posted: 13 Jul 2014, 01:10
by blablub
forget about this topic as being active is not enough to get into a team in this game
It's more that the game is getting less active in general, hehe.
I would suggest that you ask some people you're playing with regularly to create a team or if you can join their team/clan. This works more often than not.

Re: Looking for a a team

Posted: 27 Aug 2014, 23:29
by Sp00kyScarySkeleton
u can join Team Xzibit. There is one player 'xb'. U can be one of them. rly cool team. :1010