Give feedback and win ManiaPlanet 3 Beta keys!

ManiaControl, the completely new designed and easy to use controller managing all your Maniaplanet server.

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Give feedback and win ManiaPlanet 3 Beta keys!

Post by kremsy » 04 Apr 2014, 12:51

You have time until 14:50 to write a good feedback to maniacontrol, and the best three feedbacks will win 3 ManiaPlanet 3 Beta Keys!

Lukas alias Kremsy, Developer of:

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Re: Give feedback and win ManiaPlanet 3 Beta keys!

Post by footiedude09 » 04 Apr 2014, 12:57

Like the simplistic hud as it is completely out of the way and doesn't get in the way at all but need more obvious icons as when I first join a paragon server with it on I didn't use it as I wasn't sure what it was or even what to do with it and only with the help of Lukas did I use it :P
The map karma system is very easy to understand and looks cool and I really like the colour bar as it gives an extra visual effect that allows you to see the karma without having to look to closely at it.
On top of this I love the slot machine add on although it does take from the game a little as some times I have only gone on a server to play on it, and it has also made me loss 7k planets as I am a little addicted :P on top of this I want more small games like this so i have something else to waste my planets on.
At times i have found it to be slow to respond and sometimes it doesn't go when I click which often makes me a little annoyed
like the fact of using icons as it gets rid of the language barrier which I could see as being a problem.
Overall i would give it 9 out of 10 as there is always room for improvements
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Re: Give feedback and win ManiaPlanet 3 Beta keys!

Post by Canyondrive » 04 Apr 2014, 12:59

Ok here we go
I love to be able to do almost everything without the need to type, I just can klick everything, it has a nice design, has small icons and is not covering my whole screen! And it comes without nasty sounds as smart did.
The Map Karma is great! Nice color changes depending on the votes.
What I still miss is the ability to force a vote to pass.
To force a player out of the spectator is a good way to evade the password spectator bug!
All in all it is the best controler i have seen for shootmania so far.
Plugin possibility is also nice - just decide on your own what plugin you want to use.
One negative Thing because steffen asked for it: Sometimes it has problems with the some Maps due to special signs, that should be fixed :roflol:
So far I'm really satisfied with it!
good work :)
:1010 :1010 :1010 :1010
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Re: Give feedback and win ManiaPlanet 3 Beta keys!

Post by sleepwalker » 04 Apr 2014, 13:04

maniacontrol is a really good-looking tool. not that complicated, really simple. I didn't see the admintools yet, but I think it's a normal admin-bar. the spec-waiting list is a nice idea aswell. I gotta admit that I never think about using the maniacontrol votes, I'll have to get used to it. and I heared that it is actually really easy to install for a server. I don't have experience with it, but some people told me about it. the vote system is pretty neat, and I'm finally able to vote "+-". it's really cool that you are able to add "games" like the slotmachine for example. it can be really good for people who want to win some planets, or have to spectate really early. +you don't have to remove the map to update it, there's a feature to update it directly. overall a really good work, makes it way easier.
keep going!
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Re: Give feedback and win ManiaPlanet 3 Beta keys!

Post by Sauv » 04 Apr 2014, 13:06

With new maniacontrol it is easier to manage servers and being admin you don't have to always type "/admin restart". You can just click 1 button and that is it. Managing servers ingame has never been so easy ! Plus it is really usefull to be able to switch some afk guys to spec faster if it is needed quick in siege for example. In an other hand, thats really fun to have something to do while specing (slotmachine) even if i lost about 10k at this and Smorg is always winning but still ! :D An other good point of the maniacontroller is the fact its not too big, so that do not waste half of your screen but thats big enough to be used simply. If you are an admin then you can easily change server settings through server control panel. A little idea is maybe to add a way to choose which team attack, in elite for example, sometimes when we pause the map and restart for some reason, that can be interesting. And what about the map ban system, for cup, that could be more easy to use than the usual -vote ? Even if some cup have different ban settings. Anyway thats is a really good point that some guys take their time to improve stuff in Maniaplanet, Shootmania is reviving ! Keep on the good job ! :D
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Re: Give feedback and win ManiaPlanet 3 Beta keys!

Post by plopp » 04 Apr 2014, 13:09

I like slotmachine!

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Re: Give feedback and win ManiaPlanet 3 Beta keys!

Post by point » 04 Apr 2014, 13:11

My feeling :

-Easy to use
-Not lot display in the screen
-More faster
-you can directly use maniaexchange
-the map list : show the karme in it's realy good idea
-i'm agree with canyondriver , color of karma it's a realy good idea .
-Admin right are easy to use to ( add map , remove map ... ) , saw in the wabbitface video.
- and lot other thing , but i have forgot it :D

For me it's just the best server controler made for shootmania at this moment , so thanks for all your team :thx:
pOiNt .

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Re: Give feedback and win ManiaPlanet 3 Beta keys!

Post by steeffeen » 04 Apr 2014, 13:17

guys don't only sweet-talk, we also want negative feedback :lol:
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    Re: Give feedback and win ManiaPlanet 3 Beta keys!

    Post by point » 04 Apr 2014, 13:25

    steeffeen wrote:guys don't only sweet-talk, we also want negative feedback :lol:
    maybe there is not negative feedback :D
    the only thing negative for me , i don't really understand how to rate map

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    Re: Give feedback and win ManiaPlanet 3 Beta keys!

    Post by itzViolent » 04 Apr 2014, 13:37

    ManiaControl is one of the Best servercontolers I used the last time.
    The simple design and the easy understandable Icons make it userfriendly and even People who are not speaking English can understand for what the Icons are standing for.
    Also good is that the serverowner has many Options and can decied how many Inputs he wants to use.
    It is amazing if you Change the description or the name of the server whitout leaving the Game.
    But the most important feature is the Transperncydesing of ManiaControl. There are no big pictures or black areas on the screen who can destrub you while Playing so in my opion it is the best servercontroler for eSport.
    Also important for me is the close conection to ManiaExchange on Exchange you can see now the direct voting of the map and this gives the mapper a good feedback....

    So i guess the guys who devopling ManiaControl are Awesome and did a good job.

    itzViolent aka KlausiDeluxe

    PS: I am a Fan of the Slotmaschine where you can wasted your Planets... ;)


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