ManiaControl & Timezones

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ManiaControl & Timezones

Post by marlburrow » 24 Aug 2014, 23:05


Currently, I use Carbon in my plugin to display dates ( Carbon extends Datetime class and Datetime need a Timezone to display dates correctly (ex : "Europe/Paris" or "UTC").

But I have not found where I can set the TimeZone in Maniacontrol. So I set the timezone in the load method of my plugin class like that :

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public function load(ManiaControl $maniaControl) {

    date_default_timezone_set ('Europe/Paris');

Maybe i'll use a setting to allow users to change the timezone as they wish. But i think it's cleaner to declare the timezone in the ManiaControl config file.

Do you plan to implement this parameter in a future release ?

Thank you for the answer


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