Control It - Your WEB-SDK Control Framework for ManiaControl

ManiaControl, the completely new designed and easy to use controller managing all your Maniaplanet server.

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Control It - Your WEB-SDK Control Framework for ManiaControl

Post by kremsy » 25 May 2017, 14:57

We started to create a simple, very easy to use WEB-SDK to communicate to ManiaControl over its Communication Manager.

Via this SDK you can easily communicate from Websites to ManiaControl by simply calling Methods over a socket, there is a set of Methods predefined and it will be expanded, if you want to use it in your own plugins you can easily define own Messages which are callable over this communication.

The Communication runs over a SSL encryption to secure the data flow over the socket.

You can get it directly from Github: ... on-WEB-SDK

If you have any special requests to improve this SDK even further, just let us know, we are open for some more Methods and stuff :).

Hope you enjoy using this :).
Lukas alias Kremsy, Developer of:

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