Match Plugin (TA/Rounds/Cup)

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Match Plugin (TA/Rounds/Cup)

Post by jonthekiller » 19 Jul 2017, 20:59


I would like to present you a plugin I develop since a moment, first on FAST for MP3 (used during last Gamers Assembly) and completely redone for MP4 on ManiaControl. I used it for the ZeratoR Trackmania Cup to be able to manage 1800 players quite easily :)

I decide to release it because since MP4, no match plugin is here to help the organisation of tournaments.

Please take care, it's still in ALPHA STAGE! So, please test a match in your conditions and think about a backup in case of issues.

Here is the list of features for the v0.1:
  1. Gamemodes managed: TimeAttack, Rounds, Cup
  2. Ready mode (start match automatically when enough players are ready)
  3. All options managed from ManiaControl admin menu
  4. Load a specific matchsettings when the match start
  5. Set players points (Rounds/Cup only)
  6. Recovering match after crash (very experimental!)
  7. Force endround (Rounds/Cup only)
  8. Force points repartition (Rounds/Cup only)
  9. Log match score history inside database to be able to follow the match from the web
Some screenshots:

Ready button (Red not ready / Green ready)





"S_" variables are Nadeo variables from ManiaScript and all are not useful for all gamemodes.

  • //matchstart => Start the match
  • //matchstop => Stop the match
  • //matchendround => Force End Round
  • //matchsetpoints [login] [points] => Set the new number of points for a player
  • //matchrecover [number of the current map] [number of rounds already played] => Cup only, maps are not shuffled, map order must be defined before running the command and be already on the correct map
After matchrecover function, you need to use matchsetpoints to give the correct points to each player. I have made some tests for this function, but not bug free yet.

You can find the plugin inside ManiaControl or directly here:

I will continue to improve and fix this plugin, it will be use for all events/competitions managed by Drakonia in the future.

I haven't planned yet supporting other gamemodes like Team, maybe in the future when I will finish all things I want to do before :mrgreen:

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