Integret "ReadMapList" Command Into UI

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Integret "ReadMapList" Command Into UI

Post by Pilax » 20 Jul 2017, 14:29

Hi all,

I've got few maplist on my server, I found the "//rml namefile.txt" to load a specific maplist and it work fine.
But I don't found this function in the UI.
The only function I found is "ManiaControl Settings --> Maps - MapManager", but we can't load a specific name.

Open Maplist Menu didn't read de TXT for loading a maplist.

Is it possible to add in the interface, either in the menu Open Maplist, in the manager of ManiaControl or other, the possibility of directly loading a specific maplist.txt without needing to type the command ?

I know you can do this with the interface of eXpansion you can directly load the file.

I find ManiaControl simple and purify, and suit me completely for the need I have.
But I admit that this function lacks to simplify all the more its use.

In passing, another small function that it could miss, is to propose a votemap extend plugin, it will be great.

Of course I don't know how to develop in php, otherwise I think I would develop plugins myself and would have proposed to the community.

If someone or even the developer of ManiaControl could make these 2 functions available, it would be great and would fill a lack of comparing to other server management tools.

Thank you in advance to those who will read this post and who will be able to give an answer.

Good run,


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