Problem with Local Records plugin

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Problem with Local Records plugin

Post by wazerti » 06 Dec 2018, 13:51


I'm configuring a dedicated server with ManiaControl, everything worked fine, ManiaControl runs on the server but I have a problem when I want to add the Local Record plugins. :?
I always get this error :

Code: Select all

[06-Dec-2018 12:44:19 UTC] [ManiaControl ERROR]: Nom du champ 'checkpoints' déjà utilisé
File&Line: C:\Users\******\Server\ManiaControl-0.301\plugins\MCTeam\LocalRecordsPlugin.php: 192
[06-Dec-2018 12:44:19 UTC] Quitting ManiaControl after Fatal Error.
[06-Dec-2018 12:44:19 UTC] Quitting ManiaControl!
When I do not use this plugin ManiaControl works perfectly...

Thank you

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