Donate Planets Function dont work

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Donate Planets Function dont work

Post by Nade » 17 Feb 2019, 13:09

Hello everybody :) - (If it´s the wron Forum - pls move to the right @ mods)

I have 1 question to you maby 1 can help.

On my server i activated the "Donation" Plugin - the problem is that no 1 can donate
There comes everytime the same message

"Error - Transaktion can not be created - creator is not validated."

So i wrote the serverhoster (NC1.EU) and we did several tactics but no one worked
Also i wrote to Alinoa but she has also no idea - But she said maby i shell write here my problem.
I tryed on my Controlpanel with a NEW Validation Key but that also dont work.
It is possible to send Planets from the Server to my Account. And also back
but NOT VIA Adminserv. - There i get the same message.
And 1 Player (Nacho) is everytime automaticly muted - i can refresh the list - 1 sec later he is back on list

maby 1 of you has en good idea?? - I want to make my server up to 90K and want to make cups - so i need the Donation Plugin function.

Best Wishes and thanks for your answere:)

General Nade


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Re: Donate Planets Function dont work

Post by Miss » 17 Feb 2019, 20:37

Try sending some planets to your server login from this page first, and then try the donate function again.
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