Error "Cannot open socket"

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Re: Error "Cannot open socket"

Post by ybconcept » 15 Dec 2019, 18:48

Thank you for your reply reaby.

I've try with this settings


Code: Select all

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

		<keep_player_slots>False</keep_player_slots>			<!-- when a player changes to spectator, hould the server keep if player 			slots/scores etc.. or not. --> 	
		<ladder_mode>forced</ladder_mode>				<!-- value between 'inactive', 'forced' (or '0', '1') -->
		<callvote_ratio>0.5</callvote_ratio>				<!-- default ratio. value in [0..1], or -1 to forbid. -->
			<voteratio command="Ban" ratio="-1"/>
			<!-- commands can be "Ban", "Kick", "RestartMap", "NextMap", "SetModeScriptSettingsAndCommands"... -->


		<referee_validation_mode>0</referee_validation_mode>		<!-- value is 0 (only validate top3 players),  1 (validate all players) -->


		<clientinputs_maxlatency>0</clientinputs_maxlatency>		<!-- 0 mean automatic adjustement -->
		<connection_uploadrate>8000</connection_uploadrate>		<!-- Kbits per second -->
		<connection_downloadrate>8000</connection_downloadrate>		<!-- Kbits per second -->
		<packetassembly_threadcount>1</packetassembly_threadcount>     <!-- Number of threads used when assembling packets. Defaults to 1. --> 




		<gsp_name></gsp_name>						<!-- Game Server Provider name and info url -->
		<gsp_url></gsp_url>						<!-- If you're a server hoster, you can use this to advertise your services -->

		<xmlrpc_allowremote>true</xmlrpc_allowremote>			<!-- If you specify an ip adress here, it'll be the only accepted adress. this will improve security. -->

		<scriptcloud_source>nadeocloud</scriptcloud_source>		<!-- Specify the cloud storage mode for Titles that use it. Can be "localdebug" or "xmlrpc" or "nadeocloud" (default). "nadeocloud" will work only if the creator of the title subscribed to the cloud service. -->

		<title>TMStadium</title>		<!-- SMStorm, TMCanyon, ... -->

		<minimum_client_build></minimum_client_build>			<!-- Only accept updated client to a specific version. ex: 2011-10-06 -->

		<disable_coherence_checks>False</disable_coherence_checks>	<!-- disable internal checks to detect issues/cheats, and reject race times -->

		<disable_replay_recording>False</disable_replay_recording>	<!-- disable replay recording in memory during the game to lower memory usage. -->
		<save_all_individual_runs>False</save_all_individual_runs>	<!-- Save all the ghosts from the match replay to individual ghost.gbx files, in folder {servername}/Autosaves/Runs_{mapname}/  -->

server.xml on ManiaControl

Code: Select all

  GNU nano 2.9.3                                                                                                                                            server.xml                                                                                                                                                       
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


        <!-- Configure Your ManiaPlanet Server -->

                <!-- Server Connection Details -->

                <!-- XmlRpc Login Details -->


        <!-- Configure the MySQL Database used by ManiaControl -->

                <!-- MySQL Server -->

                <!-- MySQL User -->

                <!-- Database Name -->


        <!-- Configure Server Master-Administrators -->

        <!-- You can add Admins and Moderators ingame -->

and i've the same result like before... cannot open socket...

I can't understand what is my error

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Re: Error "Cannot open socket"

Post by ybconcept » 17 Dec 2019, 18:08

Hello !

So, I’ve try with a new install of the Trackmania Server without Pterodactyl and it works fine !

I think it‘s an issue with Pterodactyl port management. I will search more but at this time it works without Pterodactyl

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Re: Error "Cannot open socket"

Post by TMarc » 17 Dec 2019, 18:41

ok, somehow good news then :thumbsup:

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