Maniacontrol issue on server

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Maniacontrol issue on server

Post by ranig » 03 Mar 2020, 08:20

Hi! I have a small issue with the server I am hosting using the service site. Maniacontrol has been updated to 0.251, but since then it refuses to launch. The last maniacontrol logs are the following

Code: Select all

[25-Feb-2020 19:35:47 Europe/Berlin] Update finished!
[25-Feb-2020 19:35:48 Europe/Berlin] Restarting ManiaControl...
[25-Feb-2020 19:35:48 Europe/Berlin] Can't restart ManiaControl because the function 'system' is disabled!
[25-Feb-2020 19:35:48 Europe/Berlin] Quitting ManiaControl to restart.
[25-Feb-2020 19:35:48 Europe/Berlin] Quitting ManiaControl!
Questions are :
- is there something I need to change in my server configuration?
- or is it something that I should report to the support team?

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Re: Maniacontrol issue on server

Post by axelalex2 » 03 Mar 2020, 12:27

Hey ranig,
does it refuse even a clean reboot, where you manually restart ManiaControl? Because that would be very weird. My best guess is, that has disabled this function in their general PHP-configuration, because it could be used maliciously through a ManiaControl plugin against their servers. Unfortunately, this also disables the rebooting possibility of ManiaControl on Windows.

You can try and report this issue, but it is reasonable from side to disable that kind of functionality. So, given this, we need to implement a different rebooting mechanism, which does not involve calling the starting script.

For a quick fix, try to edit the PHP code yourself, by replacing "system($command);" with either "exec($command);" or "passthru($command);" in the file "core/Utils/SystemUtil.php" and tell me how well either change work. I cannot test those changes myself, as i am not a Windows-User.

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Re: Maniacontrol issue on server

Post by Miss » 03 Mar 2020, 14:07

To the devs: Just return a different exit code if you want to restart and in your bash script check which exit code was used, then restart when needed.
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Re: Maniacontrol issue on server

Post by ranig » 03 Mar 2020, 19:02

So I tried to change the "system" calls into "exec" as suggested, but it did not do anything. In fact, there was something very fishy, which is that the ManiaControl.bat script (which I suppose starts ManiaControl) is almost empty and is just

Code: Select all

I may not know what this script should be, but I imagine it should not this ^^ But then again I do not know if the server runs on Linux or Windows unfortunately...

EDIT: so I found the backup of my maniacontrol install. The .bat is already like this, so this is likely not the issue...

I tried to take another maniacontrol install (from a non-nc1 server) and plug it there but it did not work.
I tried using the backup of the maniacontrol install, but it did not work either.
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Re: Maniacontrol issue on server

Post by kremsy » 03 Mar 2020, 19:56

nc1 runs on windows as far as I know...

I don't know what they do with their system, but they always made weired stuff. Never had such issues somewhere else.

I would contact nc1 and they should check it. In fact they should be looking that their system supports ManiaControl updates or they should disable updates in the UpdateManager ManiaControl settings.
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