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How to "really" save script settings

Posted: 06 May 2020, 12:52
by lasdecoeur

Kind of a basic question.
With maniacontrol I use the command //loadscript to change for TA/Rounds/Team but when after changing a mode I update the script settings through the UI (and I save), the change is not there anymore if I reload the script.

Maybe //loadscript is not the right command to use, but what can I do to really save the changes for a mode ?
For example the timelimit for TimeAttack always comes back to the initial value...

Thanks :)

Re: How to "really" save script settings

Posted: 19 May 2020, 12:53
by axelalex2
Hey lasdecour,

this has been a very popular request by a lot of people, and i've just implemented a plugin doing this kind of work, which will be named GameModePresetsPlugin, with the available commands //savemode and //loadmode. These commands will also store and load the Mode-Script in which the Mode-Settings were saved.
It will be available to installation in the next version 0.255 of ManiaControl.