low fps with high end gamming pc.

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low fps with high end gamming pc.

Post by orangetuner » 02 Jan 2013, 17:48

I just recently built a new gaming pc. It runs all my online games flawlessly except trackmania. Now when i get online and play for a few mins its stays at 60 fps with like 40 other people, but when i have to restart my run i get a huge fps drop and it wont go away until i alt+tab out of that app and back in.

I noticed when i turn off motion blur and anti aliasing or when i changed textures to PC2 the problem goes away, but i really dont want to do that. Also, ive noticed that when i join a sever with zero people in it i dont have any issues until someone joins. even if its just one person. Ive also seen odd artifacts on the cars during the fps drop but they all go away when i alt+tab.

so my guess is its car related while i have motion blur or anti aliasing enabled.

Does anyone out there have similar or the same problem? Also, would you happen to know a fix?

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Re: low fps with high end gamming pc.

Post by Cerovan » 03 Jan 2013, 11:44

What's your computer configuration and the graphic card drivers please?
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