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F1 Spa Grand Prix | Race copy in Trackmania United Forever

Posted: 27 Jan 2013, 20:38
by Andriv
Copy of the F1 race in Trackmania!
WATCH IT on TmTube

Description ;)
Marius89: "I am very proud that this project is finally finished. Big thx to Andriv for his help! :)
We did this project in summer of 2011 and used of course the teams and drivers of this year. Directly after the project I finished with the cameras, but then it needed a long time to find someone moderating it in English with me. It was important for me to speak in English, so that all people here have a chance to understand what we are saying. Thanks for Green that he finally moderated it together with me. :)

Well how did the project work?
I had the idea after playing GPCoast and seeing replays from the races. I tried later to see with Figos and pranksta if the overtaking could work well in a race. It worked and so I started this project. First I have built a track, that should be as similar as possible to the F1 track in Spa-Franchorchamps. With a blockmix I could build the well known turn Eau Rouge. In addition I added a pit lane, with 2 different places for the pitstop. In the one you get fuel for 13 laps and in the other one you get fuel for 20 laps. But if you take fuel for 20 laps you have to stand much longer of course. So there were different strategies for the race of 44 laps possible. At the start everyone had fuel for max. 10 laps and then you could decide if you make 2 or 3 pit-stops until the finish. Possibilities were to stop in lap:
10 and 30 (for 20 laps both) or
10, 23, 36 (for 13 laps each)
As you can see you would have fuel until lap50 or lap49 in these strategies, so it was possible to make some stops earlier as well.

A VERY IMPORTANT thing was, that we all try, that the cars don't touch each other to make it as realistic as possible. To guarantee this, all of us, who drove the race, were together in teamspeak and warned each other when we attacked someone. Out of this reason only German players took part in this project. It was easier to communicate. Another important thing was, that all drivers try to drive safe and to make NO CRASHES. Of course this didn't work for all players the whole race, and sometimes cars touched a little, but I'm very happy that it worked all in all pretty well. Thanks to the drivers! ;)

Nevertheless everyone tried to win the race of course. To have more interesting battles and overtakings we did the following:
We did a qualification on the track and the fastest drivers got the best cars in the main race. But at the starting grid we drew by lot which drivers stand on which place. And so we had fast drivers in fast cars in the middle field partly and these drivers did many nice fights and overtakings in their way to the first positions.

To make the race more interesting we added Safety Car and Rain during the race. During the rain all drivers had to slide in the corners, so long they were on slick tyres. But if players made a pitstop when rain begins, these players had rain tyres on and didn't have to drift in the corners. So they were much faster of course. Our race director Aaerox had the function to write into the chat the start signal, the beginning of Safety car and the beginning of the rain. Thx to him! If somebody made a huge crash, then he fell out of the race.

Thx to all players that made this project working! :)
Maybe we can do something like this again. Eventually in Canyon. We could try it now as well with drivers of other countries. What would you say?

Has anybody motivation to participate in another project like this? :)''

I guess thats all. Enjoy watching, don't forgett to subscribe, and feel free to post your comment :pop: :)

Re: F1 Spa Grand Prix | Race copy in Trackmania United Forev

Posted: 27 Jan 2013, 21:38
by FoxShadow
Amazing! :3
Very nice job, congratulations to all involved people. :thumbsup:

Re: F1 Spa Grand Prix | Race copy in Trackmania United Forev

Posted: 30 Jan 2013, 09:50
by Andriv
Link updated, enjoy now :)

Re: F1 Spa Grand Prix | Race copy in Trackmania United Forev

Posted: 31 Jan 2013, 11:00
by Alinoa
Great movie and nice project :thumbsup:
If you want to publish an ingame news in TMUF to present this crazy project, you are welcome. More information available here :)

Re: F1 Spa Grand Prix | Race copy in Trackmania United Forev

Posted: 31 Jan 2013, 20:29
Nice :)
And very nice rain!
Also including TM2:Valley and TM2:Stadium commercials :pil

Re: F1 Spa Grand Prix | Race copy in Trackmania United Forev

Posted: 01 Feb 2013, 20:17
by Marius89
thx Alinoa :)

just a question to Nadeo that we got now after this project:
What would you say about including real weather into Trackmania?

At the moment it is always the same weather in every mood. Sunny with a few clouds. How about the possibility of a full clouded sky or even real rain? I guess this would be really interesting for some people and would bring many new ideas. For a project like this it would mean, that we don't need to insert the rain via video editing, and the driving would be much more realistic and in every environment slower, but spectacular. Even better it is, if we can say with the MediaTracker after which time rain shall come and go. It's just an idea, but what would you say about including more different weather possibilities than only sunny?

Re: F1 Spa Grand Prix | Race copy in Trackmania United Forev

Posted: 03 Feb 2013, 16:35
by Romain42
It has already been discussed somewhere on this forum a while ago (i guess at the very beginning of it).

There were very different opinions about whether the weather should affect the gameplay or be cosmetic only, whether it should be random or set by the mapper, and whether it should evolve or be permanent. In some configurations, it could make the map creation harder, i guess we'll see an infinite number of maps that contain undriveable jumps when it's raining for instance...

It remains an interesting opportunity over the long run, but for now i think there are more pressant priorities for Nadeo.