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Relay center

Post by apovtx » 17 Jul 2011, 15:38

Do you know a match with relay server and you have a twitter account?
Let the entire community know it!!

In the relay center blog, you can find last tweets from users that want to inform their buddies about relays from great matches.

The only thing you have to do is to tweet the information using a special hashtag!
If you want for example to post a relay, just tweet:
Hey check out our match:  tmtp://#spectate=amazing_match #tmrelay
The hashtag is #tmrelay

Moreover, you can post about live streamings if you want using the hashtag: #tmstream !
It's as easy as:
Hey check out our stream: #tmstream
If you like the idea, you can freely share it with your friends. The more people will be there, the more relays and streams will be posted!

Check it out:  ;)

What do you think? :D


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