[News][05-02-2016]eXpansion 1.0.2.* is in the pipes

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Re: [News][05-02-2016]eXpansion 1.0.2.* is in the pipes

Post by endbase » 13 Mar 2017, 11:47

Hope that there will be an final version in this stage and in the future support on Mania 4 we will see !

In the mean time kudos for you both :thumbsup:


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Re: [News][05-02-2016]eXpansion 1.0.2.* is in the pipes

Post by jaga01 » 22 Mar 2017, 10:42

Little bit off topic because "complaining" post is locked

Guys hope you can see that Speed-Mania servers use eXpansion only because this is the future so don`t you dare to let this beautiful controller die !!!

Keep up the good work :clap:

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