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[Dev] Added widget position override for current server

Posted: 01 Mar 2017, 15:41
by reaby

Just informing I added new experimental feature and it may contain some bugs still, and is for that reason at dev branch.
But I'm pleased for the outcome at my dev server, as this enables Master Admins to save the current HUD view to all players.
As you know eXpansion has by default fully personalized hud that persist across servers... this will disable the feature + moving widgets...
as it enables widget position override for current server!
  • make sure eXp has personalized widgets enabled (easy to check with middle mouse button)
  • move the widgets at the places you want them to be and press save for each moved widget.
  • open "/adm settings" and click GUI, from there check that "Enable widget positions override for admins" is enabled.
  • restart controller.