eXpansion Problem

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eXpansion Problem

Post by suehengst » 13 Jul 2017, 17:56


in the manialive_console.log i get this warning

[eXpansion][Core] Script mode running, but can't enable 'S_UseScriptCallbacks'... perhaps non-nadeo script running ?

In the Matchsettings I have

Its a mp4 Server with Rounds.

Is this the reason, when I give a new map in the queue this wont be the next map?
And when I skip the map, the points not reset?

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Re: eXpansion Problem

Post by oliverde8 » 15 Jul 2017, 08:19


Sorry for the late response, but we have dropped support on eXpansion on MP4 : viewtopic.php?f=518&t=39489

If you still wish to use eXpansion, it should work. Which version of the dedicated are you using? Have you modified the Rounds.scropt.txt file? And which version of eXp are you trying to run.

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Re: eXpansion Problem

Post by suehengst » 15 Jul 2017, 18:38

I know the support is dropped, but there maybe others users who knows the answer :) .

Expansion Version : eXpansion-
Maniaplanet: ManiaPlanet 4 Server 2017-05-16

I havent change the Rounds.script.txt.

For test i make a new Server with ManiaPlanet 4 Server 2017-07-12 - same problem.
If possible i have the wrong titlepack?

I download it there: https://v4.live.maniaplanet.com/ingame/ ... e.Pack.gbx

Maybe I forgot to write, I use a Trackmania Server, not a Shootmania.

I found on github/maniaplanet thats S_UseScriptCallbacks only used in Shootmania.
For Trackmania is S_UseLegacyXmlRpcCallbacks.
Im right?

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