Script Settings not saving.

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Script Settings not saving.

Post by b0ygen » 27 Mar 2020, 17:22


I'm running the eXpansion v2 beta. I'm having a problem with saving the script settings.
I can make changes in the script settings menu but if I restart the server it forgets everything.
Anyone know how I can fix this, or what file I can edit to make the changes permanently?

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Re: Script Settings not saving.

Post by oliverde8 » 29 Mar 2020, 21:40


First of all you should update to beta4 as the feature was added in beta3. (see changelogs:

By default eXpansion saves the script settings in "eXpansion.xml" in the matchsettings directory.

You can however change that in the configuration:
- In the menu goto Admin tab
- Configuration
- eXpansion
- Base Configuration
- The second "Server Settings file name" should be

And I just saw there is a bug in the translation that's why there is 2 "Server Settings..." one of the two is the match settings. I created an issue ... issues/405
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