Interface Designer Update 2014-10-16

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Interface Designer Update 2014-10-16

Post by noyranea » 17 Oct 2014, 09:54

Hello Interface Designers !

Here are the little upgrades I did to the Interface Designer with the last update.

First, here are the modifications made to follow the Manialink Version 2 update ( ... 64&t=29493) :
  • The "add tag" button for the new control "textedit" has been added, the one for the "format" control has been removed.
  • The attributes for entries have been slightly modified
  • The default version for edited Manialinks is 2. You can still load and edit version 1 Manialinks, but the editor will warn you when you open them, and categorically refuses to save them (for now it acts nice and saves it anyway, but this won't last).
  • Added two features linked with Stylesheets :
    • Given a Manialink code with a Stylesheet, you can hit Ctrl+N while your cursor is outside of the Manialink code editor. This will apply every attribute of the stylesheet to the concerned controls. (Useful if you want to edit a Stylesheet Manialink with the editor).
    • I guess you already found out what the other one was : given a Manialink, you can hit Ctrl+J (while your cursor is outside of the Manialink code box, again) in order to generate a stylesheet from the attributes of your elements. (Useful after editing a Manialink, in order to make it use a stylesheet).
      However, this feature is strongly binded to shadowy arts and uses some black magic code lines. As such, I recommend you to :
      • Only use it when you've finished your Manialink, in order to get a stylesheet
      • Set ids and classes to the controls you don't want to be named "Stylesheetid#XXX"
      • Not use it if your Manialink already has a Stylesheet element (do so only if you want your Manialink to die painfully)
      • Edit the text of your Stylesheet after : it will have generated some ids automatically, and do not use the cascading styles feature, so it may not be optimized nor clean (look at the sample stylesheet manialink, you'll see what I mean by cascading styles).
      • This feature is here to help you before I add a more powerful one, but I can't tell you when it'll be done, so feel free to report any bug about it, even if I can't guarantee I'll fix everyone of them.
Now come the other features, mostly made for more comfort in the edition :
  • By hitting Ctrl+P or using the arrow place right to the indent button, you can change the Manialink code editor's size from 7 to 18 lines and vice versa.
  • Added "action" attribute to quads and labels
That's all ;) There should be a feature to help you with making stylesheets more easily in the next updates. Do not hesitate to report any bug or weird behavior.

I would like to give a special thanks to w1lla, reaby and djhubertus for their suggestions regarding some features of the Interface Designer.

Have a nice day,

-- noyranea

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