[Fixed] SelectText Button

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[Fixed] SelectText Button

Post by zocka » 01 Jul 2016, 13:56

I stumbled upon this and didn't see any previous report:

(The selecttext property for fileentries has a second label above it in the attribute-editor.)

Selecting a different element does not update the selecttext button in the editor so that it doesn't necessarily represent the current attribute state.

[Steps to recreate: create an entry or fileentry, set the selecttext option, create a second (file)entry and notice that the state hasn't changed]
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Re: [Fixed] SelectText Button

Post by noyranea » 01 Jul 2016, 14:22

Hi Zocka !

Thank you for the report ! The bug with the "autonewline" attribute (being deprecated for FileEntries) overlapping the "selecttext" attribute has been fixed thanks to it.

The issue with the attribute value not being updated upon selecting a different entry has already been fixed as well !

Have a nice day,

-- noyranea

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