Using fire texture (AnimFire material) in custom items ?

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Using fire texture (AnimFire material) in custom items ?

Post by Clem » 14 Sep 2015, 06:41

Hi !

Not sure if I'm in the right thread to post this, but I couldn't find any more relevant one :?

I recently learnt how to import 3D models into storm and use ingame textures, for them to be embeddable in the maps, and I'm having much fun with it !

I'm using the "Convert Assistant" to import models in the game, and noticed that we can't use every textures of the game. But when we can't, the convert assistant gives a warning about it.

Here's my problem : I'm trying to use the animated fire texture ("AnimFire" material), and apparently, this one is usable, the convert assistant doesn't have any problem with it. But I can't find how to get a clean result.

I noticed that there is 2 "types" of textures in the game :
- The "projected" ones (like the classic brick walls or white walls), that aren't placed depending on the UVW unwrap placement, but like "projected" on the blocs (you can see the texture of the items changing when you move them, like if they was passing in front of a videoprojector)
- The "classic" ones (like WoodPath, every metal pieces and all), where texture ARE placed depending on the UVW unwrap placement.

What is buging me is that I feel like the AnimFire should be a "classic one", and change when I move the UWV unwrap, but it doesn't seem to... And what I get really looks like when you try to use a "projected" material projected from the top on a vertical plane and it stretch.

Here's the ground texture stretching on a vertical bloc :


And here's what I get when I try to use the AnimFire :


Oh, one important point I forgot : the streched texture of fire is moving, so the game understand this material is an animated texture, but apparently can't find how to map the texture on the objects...

Soooooo if someone (I doubt it) already had this problem and found a solution, or if (more likely) some Nadeo guy could try to help me with this, that would be great !! Maybe it's just not possible, but in that case, let me know, and I'll stop looking for a way to do it :)

(Even if it's kind of hard to do, don't hesitate to tell me, I'm a 3D infographist and should know what you're talking about ;))

Hysteria // Clem
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Re: Using fire texture (AnimFire material) in custom items ?

Post by Fix » 14 Sep 2015, 09:16

AnimFire should simply use UV1 (no UV2 needed).
Maybe there is something wrong in the importer with this material.
Your images shows broken uv coordinates on Animfire, (it's not like planar projection that creates straight lines, you have angles herethat seems to follow thegeometry's triangles). Tru reexporting this mesh with another standard material to be sure : if you still have the bug it's coming from your mesh, if it works it comes from the importer.

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