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Convert Items

Post by ChillyBilli » 01 Sep 2016, 17:52

Good day ^.^

I am a huge fan of the Shootmania Obstacle singelplayer campaign. It was created a long time ago and after the mp updates some of the maps got unplayable becuase they used diamonds as goals, which is not possible anymore. I am currently trying to create a new titel including fixed maps, since some player would love to hunt medals and speedrun the campaign. I got all the data which is necessary, as far as i know, together but ran into some problems. I hope to get some help here. Some of the items I gathered have the format ".FBX". The format of the original items though was ".Item.gbx". The result is that the maps in which these items got used wont open. If it is possible to convert those items I would be very happy to learn how to do it and would be very thankful for any help. :thx:

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Re: Convert Items

Post by maxi031 » 01 Sep 2016, 20:42

Just download some random items from maniapark, and rename them to fit the names of those that are missing in your map.
Then put them in corresponding folder and you should be able to open map with those fake items.
After that just find them on the map and delete them, and next time make sure you check Embed items option that is located in Experimental features.
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