Questions about install / convert

UASECO is a fork of the XAseco2/1.03 controller for Trackmania and has been overhauled to support the Modescript Gamemodes of Trackmania².

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Questions about install / convert

Post by hackie » 02 Aug 2014, 00:32

Hey Def.

What do you mean by this :
Documentation wrote:For converting `Visits` from Records-Eyepiece to UASECO:
UPDATE `players` AS `p` SET `p`.`Visits`=(SELECT `pe`.`Visits` FROM `players_extra` AS `pe` WHERE `p`.`Id` = `pe`.`PlayerId`);
ALTER TABLE `players_extra` DROP `Visits`;
If I want to use a old database from xaseco what must I do so I can use them.

Remember , I'm a noob. ( You already have some postid hanging on youre pc-screen :roflol: )
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Re: Questions about install / convert

Post by » 02 Aug 2014, 12:03

The current version and the documentation for install aren't finished yet... sorry. ;)

If you want to convert a XAseco2 database, then you have to execute this SQL statement manually. But only if your previous XAseco2 installation was with the Records-Eyepiece (RE).

Just create an new database (e.g. uaseco) and import the XAseco2 data into it, after that execute this SQL statement:

Code: Select all

UPDATE `players` AS `p` SET `p`.`Visits`=(SELECT `pe`.`Visits` FROM `players_extra` AS `pe` WHERE `p`.`Id` = `pe`.`PlayerId`);
ALTER TABLE `players_extra` DROP `Visits`;
This will move the Visits count from the players_extra table (created by RE) to the players table (this column is now included in the core).

Later this will be made by RE or something else script.
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