[REQUEST]Chat commands to Change time limit, timetofinish

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[REQUEST]Chat commands to Change time limit, timetofinish

Post by elie520 » 16 May 2017, 11:05

Hi, I'd like to know if there are chat commands to change, from the IG chat :

1) The time limit (in ta for exemple)
2) The time to finish a race after the first finished in rounds or cup etc... (and with an option to change it to be a constant factor of the author time)
3) The points limit (in rounds, cup etc...)
4) The points distribution (in rounds, cup etc...) like so : "/admin setpointsdistribution 10 6 4 3 2 1 1 1 1"
5) The points mode in rounds/cup etc... to change from one preset mode to another from round_points.xml like so : "/admin setpointssystem xxx"


If not, will there ever be such commands ? I think it'd be awesome :D Maybe I'll add some other commads request if there is a possibility for you to add them :)

Thanks !

EDIT: Just saw a new release at https://www.uaseco.org/downloads.php#Changelog ! Thanks :)

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Re: [REQUEST]Chat commands to Change time limit, timetofinish

Post by om23 » 06 Jun 2017, 20:42

yeah, but do the changelog say the command? no,
so maybe u can?

thx :)
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