Small remark

UASECO is a fork of the XAseco2/1.03 controller for Trackmania and has been overhauled to support the Modescript Gamemodes of Trackmania².

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Small remark

Post by elie520 » 05 Jun 2017, 10:59

Hello !

A little remark concerning the time diff at the bottom of the screen. Whan you finish a track and beat the time with which the difference was computed at the bottom of the screen, it displays 0.000 because it directly updates to the new best time.
You can see this on this screenshot:

I think it should not actualize this quick, and still write "-0.004" (on my screenshot example). Only upon respawn should it compare with the new best time.
Do you agree ?

Thank you in advance :)

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Re: Small remark

Post by » 05 Jun 2017, 11:12

Agreed and changed, good catch. :thumbsup:
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