Changes of Laps.Script.txt requested

UASECO is a fork of the XAseco2/1.03 controller for Trackmania and has been overhauled to support the Modescript Gamemodes of Trackmania².

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Re: Changes of Laps.Script.txt requested

Post by » 16 Nov 2017, 16:36

SyntaxError99 wrote:
25 Sep 2017, 03:08
chekov wrote:
23 Sep 2017, 19:55
Is it possible to set the locals back to locals per lap instead of the whole map or is this eventually planed for the next UASECO release?
Not lap locals but this will give you lap dedis. I hope undef will integrate it into a future version.
That's the complete probably changed plugin, please provide the changes you made.
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