Edit the countdown an chrono

UASECO is a fork of the XAseco2/1.03 controller for Trackmania and has been overhauled to support the Modescript Gamemodes of Trackmania².

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Edit the countdown an chrono

Post by ramires » 29 Nov 2017, 15:09


the positions for both are defined in records_eyepiece.xml and can be edit there. But if I want to change the font size, color etc. where can I find this, is it possible,..?

Take a look

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Re: Edit the countdown an chrono

Post by undef.de » 29 Nov 2017, 15:54

You can edit the positions not only in records_eyepiece.xml, you can also use modescript_settings.xml. But in both you only can change positions and visibilities, because that are things which are from the game himself.

If you still want to edit them, you should take a look into "GameData/Scripts/Libs/Nadeo/Chrono.Script.txt" of the dedicated server. But then you have to redu the work everytime this script has been updated by nadeo!

Countdown could be found maybe in "GameData/Scripts/Libs/Nadeo/UI2.Script.txt"
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