[Plugin] Checkpoint Records

UASECO is a fork of the XAseco2/1.03 controller for Trackmania and has been overhauled to support the Modescript Gamemodes of Trackmania².

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Re: [Plugin] Checkpoint Records

Post by undef.de » 19 Mar 2020, 15:12

RelaxedRacer wrote:
19 Mar 2020, 14:58
I found a little problem today in the plugin (and maybe more plugins have this not shure)
When a player has a " in the nickname i got errors and it didnt displayed correctly.

I changed this in the code that solved it:

Code: Select all

    public function getPlayerNick()
       // return $this->player->nickname;
		$nicknrpl = str_ireplace('"', '', $this->player->nickname);
		return $nicknrpl;
Maybe this " can be added to stripstyles, or i donno, i'm no expert on this :roflol:
Are the " displayed wrong in chat or in some widgets? Screenshot?
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Re: [Plugin] Checkpoint Records

Post by RelaxedRacer » 19 Mar 2020, 15:17

in chat its normal, its just in this plugin i think
i can make a screen, but it only shows a empty cp
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Re: [Plugin] Checkpoint Records

Post by kahwix » 19 Jun 2020, 02:30

First : Thanks to Braker to dev this plugin :yes: & undef to update it !
i have only One question, this plugin haven't a Max limit ? So on a RPG Max , 20CPS or More... Take all the screen :roflol: !
[ 15 is perfect ]

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