Uplay closes game frequently

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Re: Uplay closes game frequently

Post by Rots » 31 Mar 2016, 12:29

LuckyBoy wrote:
Marius89 wrote:I still have the question if you found sth in my CrashLog files which causes the problems?
Yes as you found your graphic driver stops to respond more than 2 seconds, then windows restart it.
TmTurbo did crash on the "device removed" recovery which will be fixed.
Unfortunately the cause of your"driver hung" is not obvious (your logs shows d3d errors that may be related) but we're working to fix it also.
(a correct "device removed" recovery avoid game crashing but is still limited: all gpu resources must be re-loaded, and the lag is around 2-5s)
thx 4 the statement :thx:
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Re: Uplay closes game frequently

Post by Marius89 » 31 Mar 2016, 13:39

Thx Electron for the links. Sadly the Methods didn't solve the problem for now. But it was definitely helpful to understand the problem behind. :)

And thx LuckyBoy for the information. It sounds nice that things get fixed. Would be really great, if it would work then. At least I got some optimism for now again. ;)

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