Your TrackMania Turbo first impressions.

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Your TrackMania Turbo first impressions.

Post by ElCharco » 24 Mar 2016, 19:57

Here you can post your "Day one" impressions of the game, here are mine:
After seeing all the feedback of the users in the forum, I've decided not buying the game. Even that, my friend bought it just a few hours for PC and came to my house for trying it because my PC has a better GPU and he also wanted to try the splitscreen mode, so he shared the game with me via steam and then he logged to his Uplay account. The first thing that we wanted to try was the TrackBulder. The new trackbulder is horrible, but the classic TrackBuilder it's fine, just as I remebered in MP... excpet for one thing: Block limit :shock: . Really NADEO, really? And also there's not blockmixing, I can't choose my song, I can't change the name of the track and etc. Also the mediatracker is just a lite version of the one in MP. The good news are that the new blocks looks amazing, all of them :thumbsup:
The next thing are the graphics: My HD7870 Hhz ed. can move perfectly Canyon in ultra settings at 80-110FPS with no drops, so my friend and I expected the same with Turbo and... I saw less drops in a dubstep concert, also the water has some little black spots.
The tracks of the campaign are good, very funny, better than the ones seen in MP Canyon and Valley.
The customization is horrible, even NFS has vinyl editor! Why not you?
And finally the multiplayer: the local one is funny and additive, perfect for playing with family and friends, for me the best part of the game. The ONLINE, even though is limited, is very enjoyable, above all it is a stunt session :lol:
I rate that game 4/10 and my friend rates it 7/10 making the median of 5,5 = disappointing, you can do it better NADEO.
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Re: Your TrackMania Turbo first impressions.

Post by i7mean » 24 Mar 2016, 20:02

It's a 4/10 for me too for the reasons that have been given in all the feedbacks.
Day 1 and already waiting for fixes and a patch from Nadeo. If they do what we suggested, it could be an easy 8/10

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Re: Your TrackMania Turbo first impressions.

Post by Strollin » 24 Mar 2016, 20:32

Well I already saw some videos before playing TMT so I kinda knew what I was getting into, the only thing that I didnt see much was the trackeditor. Campaign-maps are really nice, online is fun as well and the new local player modes are really fun to play and ofc, the new lagoon environment is just absolutely amazing :thumbsup:

All in all it seemed to be a really nice game (Some things other people found annoying or missing like the camera angle or some local player modes for online etc. arent that bad for me) if there wasnt the track-editor... Now while most new people probably focus on several maps or online-mode and stuff I spend most of my time in the track-editor so I will just break down what I miss there so far... First of all you cant chose a name for a map. I dont know who had that idea but that just sucks... Also some maps of the campaign seemed to have some blockmixing in it so I was kinda surpised you cant use that in the trackedior as well (or at least I couldnt find an option for that). Another thing is that I couldnt find some of the decoration items like the "cat-dolls" or those containers that were placed in the first canyon campaign or the donut-rings which are used in the campaign so I kinda dont get it why those arent available as well... And yes I used the classic editor.

I think there are some other things missing but thats all for now, I hope those things get fixed or updated sooner or later :cry:

Other than that its a :1010 :D
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Re: Your TrackMania Turbo first impressions.

Post by MfGLucker » 24 Mar 2016, 20:36

1/10 imo. i played for 30 minutes after installation, and already deinstalled the game. this is just a bling bling something and this has nothing in common with trackmania or trackmania 2 except the landing bug. handling is complete different than tm1 or tm2.

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Re: Your TrackMania Turbo first impressions.

Post by eyebo » 24 Mar 2016, 20:38

My first impression is that a lot of work went into the "personality" of the game. The sounds, music, artwork, animations, tracks. Lots of little touches that make the game feel complete and well polished.

The game loads MUCH faster than ManiaPlanet. It's not the fastest loadtime ever, but it's noticeably faster.

I started out online. Played some Valley, Lagoon, and Stadium maps on a packed out server. Very fun, for the most part. I can't drive Stadium with either camera though. 10 years of driving with cam1 in Stadium makes it very hard to control the car with cam2 or cam3 (only two cams available in Turbo, near as I can tell).

Then I played some of the Solo campaign. Some Canyon and Valley maps. Enjoyed those, and was excited to get a Trackmaster medal on one map. :3

After that I headed into the editor. Went straight to advanced of course...

I play with keyboard and mouse. So it took a while to learn the new keyboard shortcuts in the editor and to learn where all the blocks were, but I started to get the hang of it by the end of my first track. I started with Canyon, since it's something I'm used to and I know the blocks very well. I'm much more proficient in the old editor, but I guess with time I might become proficient with this one as well. I'm willing to give it a try for a while.

Edit: Now I read in another topic that you can still access the Classic editor. :roflol: I'm glad I didn't know that when I built my first track, or I would have went to it immediately. At least I got to give the other one a try. I can definitely see how the new one would be superior for building with a gamepad.
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Re: Your TrackMania Turbo first impressions.

Post by w1lla » 24 Mar 2016, 21:32

Personal Review:

After playing the closed beta i got a thought that nadeo/ubisoft had a gamechanger in there hands for the consoles.

And it did.

Even though i left the editor make random track generations it has come far, but it accesible and easy to manage.

The solo campaign; What maps, Lagoon is my least favourite but time might tell. Stadium is good and steady.

Online i got no hiccups but only the shadows are sometimes slighty dark which isnt an advantage for me.

After playing it some more this morning till 0400 a.m. i really like the game.

Got both ps4 and pc versions but will play the ps4 more.

i gave personally a 8/10 to nadeo ubisoft, just because its a gamechanger for a arcade way.
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Re: Your TrackMania Turbo first impressions.

Post by Meson » 24 Mar 2016, 22:57

I like it! I like it so much. :D
Such nice and fluid graphics and beautiful UI. I only drove canyon for 2 hours directly into muliplayer and it was awsome. :thumbsup:
I've noticed some missing features from the Maniaplanet version as replay saving and gamepad layout configuration But as I've read somewhere here in the forum, this missings will be added soon.

Happy driving. :pil

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Re: Your TrackMania Turbo first impressions.

Post by Blueplayer » 24 Mar 2016, 23:56

I played some hours. Did only test solo campaign and the online mode.
I like that there´s a ladder in online-mode over all envis. It remembers me to good old trackmania united feeling.

For everything else I want to test more before giving an opinion. Maybe I already miss dedimania... I´ll see how the game feels. Especially on higher echelon play. See u there

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Re: Your TrackMania Turbo first impressions.

Post by Zooz » 25 Mar 2016, 01:34

I don't think I would recommend it, it's just a more limited version of TM2 (no track names or player names? really?) that hogs more resources, and has some flashy arcade sprites. I haven't been able to evaluate the new environment yet because driving doesn't work for me (gas is always held). I did not yet see other advantages over older versions. But hopefully they will fix the most serious issues so i can try to actually drive in it.
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Re: Your TrackMania Turbo first impressions.

Post by Darkhawk » 25 Mar 2016, 02:22

I nearly played the whole day now to test out everything and i'm really disappointed by the amount of features from the old games that have been left out!

First thing: Why the fucking hell no Cam1? For the past 10 years i drove with that perspective as it gives you more overview. And all of a sudden you decide on Cam 2 and 3 only?? WTF Don't tell me this has ANYTHING to do with the consoles as other games can easily do more than 2 camera angles!

Now for the Solo campaign: You included some sort of buggy leaderboards which don't really seem to update correctly. But what is the purpose of those if you can't even compare yourself with other people except when you have them on your uPlay buddylist?

The Tracks are fine btw, just some blocks i don't really think should be in the game.. (wooden platforms *cough* :roll: )

Now on to the Car Customization...which is pretty much NON-EXISTENT! i don't want pre-placed stuff on my car! i want to use the good old editor and design them to be individual ffs. That customization is a joke and you guys know it!

Now for the Track Editor: Why do you force the cam 3 on blocks where it isn't needed like the magnetic roads? Was it so hard to configure a suitable camera for it so you HAD to do this to make those roads possible?

Where are some of the decoration elements? like the donuts as example? why can't we place them? Usually everything that you see on the campaign tracks should be possible to rebuild! Couldn't find those cat statues either on Lagoon.

The wooden platform on Lagoon is way too slippery! that one white Lagoon track is completely luck based due to this. You can even drift away if you don't even press any other key than gas...

miscellaneous stuff:

- Please delete those damn messages from the multiplayer as they're always blocking the view! If that's not possible make them less big! For what do we have the normal chat to say hi or gg??

- Why no "browsing" feature and why no gbx files from the tracks to let us upload them?

I could go on and on and on with this!

Seriously WHAT THE HELL Nadeo! WHAT EXACTLY did you guys do this whole last year?? working on multiplayer? That one looks like it was made by a trainee! no server naming? no nickname change ingame?

I'd love to be able to refund this crap of a game you named Trackmania :teub: :teub: i really shouldn't have bought it as key....

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