Your TrackMania Turbo first impressions.

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Re: Your TrackMania Turbo first impressions.

Post by SiH13 » 25 Mar 2016, 03:36

Canyon is the same, which is good
Valley feels a lot improved. I actually like it now.
Stadium feels the same which is good, except for dirt physics which are not good at all.
Lagoon is amazing. Takes me back to old times with a mix of snow and bay, with coast on the wood.I really liked it and the roller-coaster blocks are insane.

Campaign is fun as hell, with a lot of enjoyable maps

No dedicated servers are a pain in the ass.

Stunt mode is really cool and is what wll keep me playing the game, but why cant you select this in the track maker so you can have maps designed for it??

Game runs really well on my laptop in highest settings :1010
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Re: Your TrackMania Turbo first impressions.

Post by matsilagi_tmu » 25 Mar 2016, 03:38

I dunno, its good for people that wants to play. Period.

I found a few tracks kinda hard but fun overall, the new car models are nice (i bought the game just to see someone get them working on ManiaPlanet :P ) the new decor blocks are cool and im still to try MP

I will give it an 8/10

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Re: Your TrackMania Turbo first impressions.

Post by mvv0105 » 25 Mar 2016, 05:32

Interest thing:
- All russian reviews on Steam says that this game is GREAT
- All (or almost all) english reviews sasy that this game is BAD


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Re: Your TrackMania Turbo first impressions.

Post by shaxe » 25 Mar 2016, 05:42

I really feel like this is a huge missed opportunity, we could've got an all inclusive upgraded trackmania 2 experience with built in dedimania style leaderboards and utilization of all the great ideas that people have made over the years for custom server plugins and a design philosophy that encouraged friendly competition and progression through driver rating/ranks that would've kept people coming back. i can just imagine how good this game could be if it took example of ideas that work extremely well from games like rocket league and implemented them into this. Instead though, we get some weird half broken leaderboards that tell the players next to nothing (even the stand along website with ranking information is useless) and an online mode that is some old fashioned "server" browser that barely tells you anything. Why wouldn't they at least add in match-making where you specify the style/s, length/s and environment/s that you want to play online and have a modern front end that finds the best suited server for you based on all of those preferences and your own skill level.

You might argue that the player count wouldn't allow for something like that to work optimally yet. but if you don't even have it to start with, especially for a console audience, then they are just going to dismiss the online mode anyway because it just looks like some disorganized afterthought. if they had that kind of functionality in the game for that open beta that had hundred of thousands of players then i imagine a lot more of them would be a lot more interested in coming back and buying it.

But instead i feel like we once again get a game with awesome gameplay that has none of the modern systems to encourage replay-ability so it will garner little traction with the modern gaming audience and slowly fade away after a mediocre launch like maniaplanet did. that might sound harsh but that's how i feel.

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Re: Your TrackMania Turbo first impressions.

Post by _Junky » 25 Mar 2016, 07:29

First impressions : It's fun as hell.
It's what Trackmania 2 should have been from the start : A fun game with several environments for a reasonable price. I'm glad Nadeo are finally getting to their senses and putting an end to the madness that was maniaplanet (releasing one environment every two years and hoping people would keep buying them).

Now there are a few things that could have been better (can't hide players, can't customize the UI, I'd prefer to use the old car model on canyon, no VR support at launch although they heavily advertised it), but overall I really like it !

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Re: Your TrackMania Turbo first impressions.

Post by Florenzius » 25 Mar 2016, 07:42

I agree fully!

Yesterday I came back from school and started the pc (like everytime) :)

My TMT-Hype was really large and the first impressions after the game-start: AWESOME. The music and the menu... The campaign, the smooth 60fps, the Mediatracker, the online-servers.

Nadeo, good job. It's almost ManiaPlanet 4.0. Without titlepacks, but the other things are almost similar with a better version of MP.

Nadeo has to do maany translations (complete MediaTracker; Classic editor), but my feedback: Buy it! :1010
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Re: Your TrackMania Turbo first impressions.

Post by kripkee » 25 Mar 2016, 10:29

The music, I like it really much
Classic Editor available - and looks much more stable than maniaplanet :mrgreen:
Awesome waterblock in Valley
some 'normal' Trackmaster times are really hard
Menu, it's "clean"^^
Easy onlinemode

RIP Cam1 (Can't play Stadium "normal", on Canyon etc. I don't have a problem with it)
RIP Disable players on Server with 100 Players
RIP Colored Nicknames
Map #66

The game itself is nice/ok, it allows you play everything in one place etc. This should be done much earlier in Maniaplanet, but whatever^^. Lagoon is cool and ugly at the same time, I like the roads, the magnetthing and these offroad (grass). What I hate on Lagoon, which killed my motivation a lot are these wooden blocks (drift is cool, but just drive forward to have a stable line is boooh) and these sandblocks - Map 66 is a good example.
Whatever, a lot of player will enjoy this game! :thumbsup:


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Re: Your TrackMania Turbo first impressions.

Post by jui » 25 Mar 2016, 12:45

I will not talk mention the lack of customization and dedicated servers here because it was communicated that the game will not have those. For Lagoon i make an extra section.


New blocks for Valley are awesome!
The art direction of the game is quite nice. New textures, music, car models and look of the UI, very good.
The campaign maps are fun and look good with all the objects and stuff in it. Some Canyon maps feel overboosted i guess the "Turbo" theme is real.
Valley dirt maps :1010
Online Room system seems to be implemented well. Even tho changing the name of the room would be nice.

Ranking: No possibility to view ranking list of individual maps and the replays.

Map sharing system:
- very basic, limited sorting
- it seems to be not possible to copy Maps into a folder so that they appear in game

No dedi records feature online, even tho Like/Dislike system is in place and also a counter how often a map gets played.

Firstly, it seems it has a huge amount of blocks and it looks quite good.

But the handling, we get the same crappy loop (wallride) handling again (3-1-5 and 3-1-6).
Canyon has it, Valley has it, nobody likes it, blocks are barley used in custom tracks and we get it AGAIN.
Why 3 times the same thing, why not a bit diversity here, why not learn from the popularity of Stadium Fullspeed servers, i really do not get this.

Rollercoaster blocks are pretty unsmooth would have expect different but i can maybe even enjoy it after a while.

Beach blocks excellent idea, gameplay of these blocks reminds me of Valley dirt and as we know many people did not like it very much.

Wood blocks ok i guess. But the normal platform set is missing completely.

Overall i personally expected a different gameplay for Lagoon, much more different from Canyon and Valley. To be honest in a way it feels more of the same we already got. With the same "mistakes" that already annoyed players in Valley and Canyon.

Overall a good game. The negative points could have been easily avoided with more time and also maybe will be rectified with patches.
Lagoon gameplay idk maybe i still need more time to learn it. But as we know players nowadays are not very patient.

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Re: Your TrackMania Turbo first impressions.

Post by TMarc » 25 Mar 2016, 13:20

After discovering I could reassign keyboard controls (I'm used to have space for braking), the second try was not so bad, easy gold on easy tracks :pil

It's nice, perhaps a bit too much blinky stuff, but a fresh new game despite the already mostly known base (only seen Canyon for now). If you want more realism, drop Turbo and stay with TM².

Well, many things I have to discover yet. For me it revives the fun to play Trackmania, which I had somehow lost (because of the long delays in Maniaplanet development here, but also due to lot of work) in the past months. :3

It is also nice that on the loading screen the controls are explained better.
However, I did not see yet a hint how to drift, although already the third Canyon track shows Drift here! signs.
(not that I don't know how to drift, I mean it for the new players).
Edit: I just saw a "Pro-Tip" on a loadscreen to use brake to drift. A bit late for the early maps, but it's there :thumbsup:

And when I chose to drive alone on the track, and don't reach gold at the first attempt, I can't drive alone again,
there is only the choice of other opponents. A bit strange, but perhaps directly a help by the game.
On the other hand, it is great to have the button "Next track" instead of the need to go back to the main tracks screen :thumbsup:

Some tutorial mode would be nice.

The comments ingame are funny, e.g. Double driver mode can be used to detect the compatibility to common-law spouse :lol:

Congrats to Nadeo and Ubisoft for a relaunch that might be perhaps even more popular (at least on consoles) than it ever was.

Not :1010 , but also not :0010 . Prelimiary rating: Somewhere in the middle ;)
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Re: Your TrackMania Turbo first impressions.

Post by CoastKid » 27 Mar 2016, 13:47

I brought TM Turbo for PS4 and must say I am more then impressed !
Greatly Done Nadeo :thumbsup:
It feels fun and awesome to the max. For me it is like reincarnation of TM Sunrise, physics, atmosphere, music, graphics, sounds and everything else feels so right so polished. I am very happy :D !!!
I wish you a Great Success With TM TURBO!
I'll recommend this game to all my friends :gotcha:

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