no leaderboard -- no best times

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Re: no leaderboard -- no best times

Post by TMarc » 26 Mar 2016, 21:32

indeed, and thanks for the very detailed explanations to pentacosmic :thumbsup:

Btw. the rank itself seems to be buggy as well.
E.g. it is reporting me as being 665th in my region, but when I click on the ranking list,
the 665th position is highlighted in green, but actually I'm at 666 there, on the next line.
On top of the list, I'm shown as 665th with dark pink highlighting.

Typical IT beginners bug? rank[0...n-1] instead of rank[1...n] perhaps? :teub:

Two different rankings for the same user? :roflol:
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Re: no leaderboard -- no best times

Post by Blueplayer » 27 Mar 2016, 14:56

the Ranking on the player page looks like... "unfinished".
You can see only the rank, but no info how this rank is calculated.
After some playtime, I think it's a merge between solo medals, online ladder points and maybe performance in these track challenges.
Would be really nice to have this data added to the ranking or at least the profile. :)

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Re: no leaderboard -- no best times

Post by CoastKid » 28 Mar 2016, 18:17

Please Nadeo, add a per map leaderboards, the only way to check your place in leaderboards for solo map is to beat the record, so it is kind of a torture you know ! :?
Please Fix it :)

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Re: no leaderboard -- no best times

Post by pentacosmic » 29 Mar 2016, 04:21

I know, I already stated my point, but I can't stop the urge to add one more:

And here is why:

Four days ago the unbelievable happend. I had a fairly good idea of how to drive Track No8 of the white series -- after all, this track is a variation of Track No 3 of TM Canyon.
So, guess what, I drove the track a dozen times and actually beat the world-record. I just checked, I am still No 1 on this track.
Joy!!! .... and frustration. I am No 1, yea, so what?! Nobody will ever know it is me.
In TM2 I never even entered Top 10 in Germany (forget about Top 10 Europe). So here I could have my name on World Rank NO 1 -- if only there was a leaderboard.
Ok, I must confess, it sounds a bit egocentric. But well, that's part of playing a highscore-game, right?! ["Insert Coin" -- "enter name", right!?!]
How am I supposed to show my friends? Make a screenshot?! ... well, wouldn't it be much cooler if they saw it themselves thinking: "what the that really ..... no way!".

I hope somebody at Nadeo gets my point ;)

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Re: no leaderboard -- no best times

Post by i7mean » 29 Mar 2016, 13:33

It's no egocentrism, it's just that you want the reward for all the effort you put in the tracks. This is why this solomode looses half of its fun.

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