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Re: TrackMania Turbo Wishlist

Post by Spece2goin » 28 Mar 2016, 10:42

Cauvin wrote:CAM 1.. afte the tretrun of cam1, i will tell you what i want.

At this moment, i can't play... only cry on my 40€ in the trash...
Changing camera is on the right joystick button

Which means you can't change while you race. Every wall ride gives me cancer.

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Re: TrackMania Turbo Wishlist

Post by TM28 » 28 Mar 2016, 10:53

My biggest wish is to make ALL the blocks available in the TrackBuilder on the Ps4 Version... Like Macro-blocks!! (Please Nadeo... It's a shame, consoles players are angry.)

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Re: TrackMania Turbo Wishlist

Post by lemon » 28 Mar 2016, 13:52

On consoles add analog stick sensitivity and deadzone sliders.

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Re: TrackMania Turbo Wishlist

Post by Cibermix » 28 Mar 2016, 15:58

Nobody noticed there isn't Team mode ?

Please don't cry about secondary features like klaxon, coppers limit, mapping stuff etc. Ok it's cool features to have but it's a console-first game, There is already so much core features missing, it's obvious you'll not have the same features than Maniaplanet.

In my opinion, critical issues are:

- Leaderboards missings, you can't see a ranking per map, env, etc.
- Possibility to configure the gamepad, seriously it's a car game, we should have the possibility to re-assign buttons, change the sensitivty, etc?
- You can't make playlist in local multiplayers
- There isn't team mode online, you can't do a match between two teams

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Re: TrackMania Turbo Wishlist

Post by Akbalder » 28 Mar 2016, 16:03

- Possibility to delete private maps
- Possibility to rename maps
- Add a new timer setting for Time attack (7 minutes)
- Possibility to make the server run the maps in random order
- Vote on the server (go to next map, choose next map...)

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Re: TrackMania Turbo Wishlist

Post by TMarc » 28 Mar 2016, 16:08

+ Possibility to download maps directly from the maps page, and to allow direct local play without need of configuring an own room
+ fix the issue that I often get redirected to the ps4 pages like when starting from although I only have the PC version :roll:
Edit: looks like I was too fast, it redirects automatically to PC page at the moment :thumbsup:
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Re: TrackMania Turbo Wishlist

Post by tm2_stadium_beta » 28 Mar 2016, 18:45

OK, I have tried a PC version of Trackmania Turbo and here's what I have to say:

1. The game begs for ability to rebind gamepad buttons. I played with a wired Xbox 360 Controller on Windows 7 and was unable to bind custom options for gamepad buttons.

2. Even on highest graphics settings there is no car shadow and dust particles behind a moving car (on dirt) in replay after you just finished the track.

3. When car falls into water it would be nice to see some splashes as a result of car impact on water surface.

4. As far as I know, the game has separate servers for each platform. If it's true, then it would be nice to have cross-platform servers where PS4, XBONE and PC owners could play together.

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Re: TrackMania Turbo Wishlist

Post by NeveValkoinen » 29 Mar 2016, 13:34

My wishlist (ps4 gamer):
- Double Driver online (not only for local play)
- option to let the soundtrack continue during race, without restart every try
- free view in editor (it is actually locked on the blocks)
- easier way to select blocks in editor (actually, i must move a block on another to select it -.-")
- name my own tracks
- add the filter in multiplayer for search room with original tracks or created tracks
- possibility to custom the preview image of our created tracks
- various fix on the ranking (on tmt website too, it doesnt update anymore from days D: )

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Re: Trackmania Turbo Center Wishlist

Post by zoutek » 29 Mar 2016, 14:59

Must have :
-cam 1
-"o" hide people

I play the tmn since 2004 with this option and actually in turbo i just can't play because of this 2 features missing.

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Re: Trackmania Turbo Center (the website) feedbacks

Post by dulf » 29 Mar 2016, 17:54


I have only 3 wishes to improve the gameplay

- to be able to hide the cars online .It's essential to get the best lines and so hunt the times
- to have the Camera 1. Lot of people are playing with this camera on maniaplanet and without it they're lost
- to be able to modify ours touchs on the pads

In my opinion, it's not a problem than there are not dedimania, customisation of skins, have your own server... I understood than turbo is not maniaplanet ! And it's not in your interest to do a maniaplanet copy with turbo

Just for me, to keep the same bases of gameplay is essential :thumbsup:

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