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Recreating oldies

Posted: 26 Mar 2016, 02:13
Here's an idea..
as old tracks can't be imported i'm currently going through my list of tracks and manually rebuilding them block by block.. (have both turbo and tm2 open and using tm2 for reference)

Are there any tracks (of mine) you guys want to see in tmt? I've just finished converting Bessy and tomorrow i'll start with driftigh (*canyon)
edit: some tracks can't be added due to cut potential (due to lack of blockmix in tmt)

Re: Recreating oldies

Posted: 26 Mar 2016, 02:59
by VoidSeeker
I was in a room where old TM1 Stadium tracks were played.
I asked in the chat, if those tracks were rebuild.
But to my surprise they were imported.
Dont know how they managed it.
If you dont believe me, take a look at this :arrow:

Edit: Here is a reddit post with more info.