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TM Turbo - Suggestions & Questions

Post by Vrba » 09 Feb 2017, 13:03

-Adjustable analog sensitivity on consoles. I've got Turbo on PS4 now and it's an utter failure. Really enjoying the high sensitivity on freaking valley dirt and on the hyperactive Lagoon car.

-When finishing a map in solo campaign, why do I always see the feature Joker (silver) or whatever that's not even available, seriously, is it just a decoration?

-Tell PapyChampy that in Lagoon loops and slippery wood doesn't mix well, at all. It may look good, but it sure is a bloody nightmare when you drive perfectly straight into the loop and then the car gets drunk and wanders off the track.

-For consoles, the editor might seem like a good idea and it's quite nice, but having the oldschool-like ManiaPlanet layout would still be a bit better.

-Sound slider. Oh yes, I would really prefer that you could change volume of the car sound as it's either all in or nothing, not really ideal with your own music playing meanwhile.

-Remind PapyChapmpy again about the wood and loops in Lagoon.

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