[TMT] Game resolution bug with multiples monitors

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[TMT] Game resolution bug with multiples monitors

Post by Crusard » 13 Aug 2017, 01:24

I'm here to complain (again, sorry)

i have a problem with game resolution, i have 2 monitors, the first one 1920x1080 and the second one 1680x1050.

The problem is, the game runs on my first monitor, all right, but it get the second monitor resolution instead the first one, and it's look weird.

Is there any fix for this problem?
I saw some workarrounds on youtube, but it consist disconnect the second monitor, start the game, and reconnect de monitor. I hope there is another fix, because i don't want to disconnect the monitor each time i want to play TMT.

Thanks and sorry for my bad english, i'm triying to avoid google translate :P

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