PDP wired XboxOne controller not working while racing [PC]

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PDP wired XboxOne controller not working while racing [PC]

Post by SphincterBreeze » 28 Jul 2018, 10:37

Hey guys, My PDP wired XboxOne controller isn't working when I start a race in the game. It works through the menus, I can even remap all the buttons ingame. But as soon as I begin a race NOTHING works, no buttons at all.

I've updated the drivers, tried it in a different USB port, and still nothing. Again, I can navigate all the menus with the controller (except when the press start screen appears, I have to press enter on my keyboard) and select the race I want to do, but as soon as the race is starting there is no response from the controller what so ever.

I do realise there hasn't been a post on this forum for almost a year now but I'm hoping someone can help me out


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