Preserving Turbo tracks.

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Preserving Turbo tracks.

Post by GanjaRider » 03 Nov 2018, 13:29

Hopefully Turbo will be online for many years but when it goes offline can you please send out emails to inform people. I'm asking because I want to preserve my tracks. Now they are all online and so I need to make copies of my tracks to put them on my hard disk (playstation). But doing it now would make a mess because of double tracks in the list. Of course a track export function would also be welcome.

Ps. making TMT free game of the month on PSN back in April really gave it a boost and I had a blast for 2 months. Sadly people left again and it's almost back to it's original population. The game is still missing a dedi and 24/7 custom servers so people didn't have much to stay around.

Oh and because of campaign track 145 I'll never get platinum. :roflol:

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