Maniaplanet 4 urgents

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Re: Maniaplanet 4 urgents

Post by Demented » 18 Jul 2017, 13:45

Sparkster wrote:
17 Jul 2017, 15:57
Issue to report:
Imagine, you are recording a MediaTracker ghost and suddenly you forgot something. You want to return to the editor. And here it comes. It happens often. Even if you click "yes" it acts as if you click "no". You will keep racing until you finish. Not good when recording on a RPG map.
[Lagoon] Even worse, if you are testing a track and can't reach the finish you have to force closed TM and lose your work because there is no way to quit. I was surprised to see this not fixed in July update along with no hud still in record a ghost mode. I thought those were both fixed before but it seems they are not. ??
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Re: Maniaplanet 4 urgents

Post by adamkooo2 » 11 Sep 2017, 16:43

Very urgent one:
No medals are saved when any player plays a campaign in TM2UF TP
Sparkster wrote:
11 Sep 2017, 16:22
I still can't unlock maps after I've got a medal.
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