Maniaplanet 4 - July update

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Re: Maniaplanet 4 - July update

Post by Birdy81 » 02 Aug 2018, 11:25

i play withing the rpg title pack, since this update all of the maps i have been working on won't load up so they can be validated . how do i fix it as i have spent countless hours on these maps and can't do anything with them. or do i need to speak with the title pack creators?

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Re: Maniaplanet 4 - July update

Post by VMan2002 » 05 Aug 2018, 08:27

Florenzius wrote:
30 Jul 2018, 11:03
VMan2002 wrote:
30 Jul 2018, 05:42
--insert me talking about issues i have been having with the mesh modeler--
It looks like you've set the Texture Diffuse as Specular map, since it is highly reflective. Try to remove the Specular channel in the material settings. Normally to have a normal and good looking Specular result, the brightness of the Specular map should be pretty low, if you are using Greyscales. Here you can read how to make Specular maps
The green-purple texture means that the Diffuse can't be recognized in the game, so you should try to re-link the texture in the Diffuse channel. Maybe you accidentally Linked the Diffuse in the Specular channel, that seems to be the cause.
First you should see if this is a Texture issue tho. As I said, just try to remove all other textures except the Diffuse one.

And for the physics issue: "TechGravityChange" is only for ShootMania apparently. If you want magnetic surfaces, you gotta use these Physical IDs:

Code: Select all

--just explaining what the physical ids do--
Yes, I have been looking at the how-to page you linked. Also, I do know what to use for magnetic surfaces, I've already done that, I just wanted to make a surface that changes the car's gravity.

These are the textures I'm using for the material.

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Re: Maniaplanet 4 - July update

Post by Florenzius » 05 Aug 2018, 09:11

There is no way to change the gravity of the vehicle on a speciefic surface apparently.

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Re: Maniaplanet 4 - July update

Post by Demented » Yesterday, 15:20

There was a "wishlist" topic, but it seems to be outdated so I'm updating my wishlist here.

I have a some new things I've added to my wishlist and I think at least some of these things most players would like to see.

~ Deleting Maps or Replays (ingame) sends them to Recycle Bin.
~ Byte limit counter in map editor for embedded map items.
~ "Grass Cutter" tool : The ability to mark map areas to keep clear of grass.
~ Option to remove grass from under items (like a checkbox: [✅] Item Removes Grass)
~ Ability to create "Gate Items" like Start, Finish, Multilap and CPs with the in game item editor.
~ Ability to rename items from within Item Editor.
~ Ability to "Clone" or "save as" items from within item editor. (to make modified versions)
~ Vector paths in map editor for object items. (PingPong or Looped - with speed and angle settings at nodes similar to custom camera paths)
~ Ability to create custom "Sign Items" that are skinnable like the normal sign blocks.
~ Embeddable sign skins (adverts) with byte limit - (locators become broken over time)
~ Slow Motion, Rewind and Fast Forward controls for replays.
~ Slow Motion option in Mediatracker.
~ Return of Official Stunt Mode.
~ Return of Official Trackmania² Title.
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