Early test for the updated Buddies plugin

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Re: Early test for the updated Buddies plugin

Post by arn22433 » 22 Jul 2015, 07:45

domino54 wrote:I just replaced my chat with music player :roflol:
You HAVE TO make a working plugin of this ! :D (No more ALT-TAB to change my music :D )

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Re: Early test for the updated Buddies plugin

Post by novationx » 15 Oct 2015, 16:25

Any news for this?

You have to get your head around this :
A. People do not receive eachothers messages
B. People cant become friends because they do not receive the invites or they accept eachother and it's simply not working
C. Buddylist simply not loading
D. It's working, I come back from Windows and I get a giant console error... I need to reboot to get my buddylist working again.

With all of the above... why o why would I even bother to ask a player to become my friend?
How can I contact players to
A. Play together
B. To find a pracc
C. To socialize
D. Whatever

People are spamming me in the buddlist and then 2days later they are pissed ( in a public server somewhere ) because I 'ignored" them. Loads of people I know have this. My entire line-up has this. All players in the team I'am managing have this.

And with all this information reported years ago, you still dont even hotfix this? What's a multiplayer game without a chat-system? Why make a multiplayer game anti-social? How is this not important to you?
Does the world need to end first before you hotfix this?

Could you please hotfix this so we can get a proper working buddylist? I paid €19.99, but not for what I got.

Please consider.
Thank you.

I have ALL of the above every day! more than 5x! For over 18months! :evil: And quite frankly its seriously pissing me off.
NADEO y u do diz? :oops: #MP4

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