Hello Planet #6

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Re: Hello Planet #6

Post by Soprah » 30 Jun 2016, 18:08

This is what I call a great Hello Planet article! :clap:

You teased lot's of new stuff. But sometimes it's hard to imagine what it might be / how it might look like.
We work to expand the number of actions possible for Shootmania
Actions = Actions made by the action maker? probably a dumb question, I just want to make sure
We alse work on the general rendering of the map, with the generation of modifications on a large scale linked to the different blocks laid
I have no idea what you mean about the second part of the sentence.
The 3D object modelling and the creation of operation of procedural texturing.
possibility which will be given to the players to create their own items in Maniaplanet.
This sounds very very very interesting. Do you mean that we'll be able to create / model our own 3D objects and items within Maniaplanet? So no cinema4d, maya, blender is required for custom items anymore ??? This would be a dream!
The titles creators will have a generated website, dedicated to their title
Great! Generated website within Maniaplanet or "just" a normal website which can be opened with a normal web-browser like chrome or firefox?
we’re reopening the project to develop the clubs that we have started several years ago
You mentioned that you opened clubs in the past. What kind of clubs do you mean exactly?
on the other hand the possibility to create titles with titles themselves dedicated to their creation.
I don't understand this. "Create titles with titles themselves". This totally confused me :D
It’s a game mode which mixes a strategic and diplomatic game at a high level
Diplomacy??? I got no idea why you said this word. Are we going to be politicians or what? :D

Very good #HP6. Totally enjoyed it :thumbsup:


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Re: Hello Planet #6

Post by HaagseSmurf » 30 Jun 2016, 18:12

Looking forward to see all those nice things. And yes some things do take time, but better some quality things then rushed stuff. Also looking forward for upcoming betas and explore and judge just developed great new stuff.

Thx for this long post and long awaited heads-up,


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Re: Hello Planet #6

Post by marios2000 » 30 Jun 2016, 18:14

Whats gonna happen to the times we have already driven on the solo maps after the update?
Are the physics from tm² gonna sty the same btw?
"But I wanted to underscore that for us, these two gameplays must be the references in the race & shoot esport games, and we intend to support them by engaging the means on the long run." I feel sry for all the Canyon pros x))))

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Re: Hello Planet #6

Post by jimkats1 » 30 Jun 2016, 18:14

Well, I see many cool changes / updates, I'm sure they will make the game even more fun and awesome, but mostly I want the games and most specific Shootmania to have more players, because last months the traffic has gone low and the servers that have always players are very few, so it would be nice if besides the changes, there would be some kind of general mass advertisement (again) across the Internet. :D.

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Re: Hello Planet #6

Post by tcq » 30 Jun 2016, 18:24

As there is now DX11 rendering path, will we get a Vulcan version instead of a DX12 path in the next iteration of the game engine?

A question regarding the SOFT team and the interface management. Do you refer to interfaces in titles or on server or do you mean the general game menu as in a complete overhaul of the HUD?

What about the possibility of creators (e.g. xrajay) to propose modelled blocks towards the DATA team which then can decide to push them for future updates as integral user made blocks (similar to the startrack campaign in TMUF)?
Stadium & Storm players, [...]these two gameplays must be the references in the race & shoot esport games, and we intend to support them by engaging the means on the long run.
RIP canyon, valley and the not released lagoon!

But i like the idea of the planned schedule regarding scheduled betas and informations regarding the state of the project.

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Re: Hello Planet #6

Post by TheM » 30 Jun 2016, 18:27

Thanks for this great informational post. Will be interesting to see everything unfold in the coming months (or longer).
Hope to see the release scheduling work out, interested to see how you'll be setting up these beta's in the future.

Best of luck and thanks again! :thumbsup:
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Re: Hello Planet #6

Post by TMarc » 30 Jun 2016, 18:30

The only really disappointing point is that we have to wait again and again and again... and again... :cry:

Those who are patient will get everything :pop:

Definitely some good and very interesting news, I can't say "well done, good job" for all the announcement in HP6 yet, but at least "thanks for what you have done so far!" :D
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Re: Hello Planet #6

Post by Ville » 30 Jun 2016, 19:20

Thanks for the blog Hylis. It's pretty difficult to visualize the whole thing in my head at this point, but a lot of things sound promising. Hope to hear more news soon :)
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Re: Hello Planet #6

Post by Rasque » 30 Jun 2016, 19:26

Well, about that 'MP4 soon'... lets meet the remaining people in late 2017 or even 2018 :(

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Re: Hello Planet #6

Post by Kak0 » 30 Jun 2016, 19:27

:yes: A lot of exciting stuff in there :yes:

Any update on when we can expect Lagoon to be available in Maniaplanet?
We’ll work too on the network side for some elements on which we’ll rarely communicate for obvious reasons, linked to diverse embezzlement which exist on multiplayer games (anticheat).
Best of luck ;-)

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