Maniaplanet 4 - July update

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Re: Maniaplanet 4 - July update

Post by Florenzius » 13 Aug 2017, 11:55

New bug with the latest update


For people without permissions:
ManiaDesign wrote:
10 Aug 2017, 17:11
Hey there,

I have some objects, which use the same material with a DTX 5 Texture and the model TDOSN. I never had problems with this on MP4, but since today, I found some nice bugs. I could fix them the first time, when i just reimported an object, which uses this material, but now it's there again.


PLS PLS PLS fix that, it's very important :S
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Re: Maniaplanet 4 - July update

Post by bryan1998 » 13 Aug 2017, 11:56

I can confirm this bug on my end while testing his pack too.
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Re: Maniaplanet 4 - July update

Post by eyebo » 18 Aug 2017, 17:20

(Post edited 2018-02-08. Bugs that have been fixed have been marked blue.)

Yesterday I asked players on Mania Exchange and in the ShootMania Discord what bugs or missing features in the game they'd like to see fixed. Immediately there was a flood of feedback. I've compiled most of it into this post. Additionally, I've added some requests based on observing the issues players have had over these past few months since ManiaPlanet 4's release, usually comments from players on TM Discord.

Don't get me wrong, the game is overall great, and a lot of bugs have been fixed over the past few months. So a big thank you for all the work that's been done so far!

So these are ones that were either overlooked, or perhaps are harder to address than others. And maybe some will never be fixed. But I'm going to write about them anyway, just in case.

Edit: Added colors:
RED = What I believe to be most urgent
BLACK = Annoyances and other bugs
GREEN = It would be nice to have, but we've lived without it this long.
BLUE - Fixed since this post was originally made


  • TM: Fix the rearview camera so the car isn't blocking the entire view.
    Applies to all 4 environments
  • TM: Cam2 doesn't stay with car when respawning upside down
    Is this why upside-down Lagoon CPs have been set to be unrespawnable?
  • TMStadium: Cam 1 moves during countdown, causing some players to be sick.
    Apparently it doesn't move correctly when driving either.
    Report: viewtopic.php?p=290008#p290008
  • TMStadium: An option to use MP3 skidmarks instead of MP4 ones.
    The MP4 skidmarks badly affect some players' driving.
  • TMStadium: Sometimes the game thinks you're in water when you're not.
    Example: (thanks to Eyohna)
  • TMLagoon: Lagoon continues to have a speedbug in rollercoasters
    Important to fix, as rollercoasters are heavily used by mappers.
  • TMLagoon: The little dirt bump in grass CPs is annoying to some.
  • TMValley: Game crashes while saving large replays
    Each train car is it's own ghost. Replays become too large because of trains.
  • TMValley: You get a speedboost when landing on moving trains and train cars
  • SM: Projections for custom water (items) should be at the level the water is placed at, not at ground level.
    Prevents wallhacks.
  • Better AntiAliasing.
    Time to retire FXAA and try something better?
    Or at least give us the option to try something better if our systems can handle it.
  • Render distance for details & 2D textures needs to be increased.
    Grass and other 2D textures aren't visible when they're beyond a certain distance.
    Especially bad for rendering videos.
  • The "TDOSDN" bug.
    The z-index of a TDOSN face behind a camera-closer TDOSN-face is higher than it's supposed to be.
    It's a big problem for item creators. We had this bug in MP3. MP4 fixed it. But now it's back.
    Report: viewtopic.php?f=571&t=42337

  • TM: No intros shown when playing single player maps using new UI.
    This is demotivating to track builders to make intros when players can't see them.
  • TM: Splitscreen mode is missing
  • TM: Your PB ghost should always be assigned to "G". Other opponents assigned to "O".
    Currently, when picking "drive alone", the last run (which is usually disabled with "G") must be turned off with "O", and it will count unfinished runs as well. Though, when you have both a PB and a last run which is different from the PB, the last run is designated to the "G" button again.
  • TM: Missing option for backwards camera while spectating
  • SM: Royal overview cam doesn't zoom in anymore
    Report: viewtopic.php?f=469&t=42269
  • TM: Dedimania records not saved when you skip a map manually.
    This is common when playing RPGs. I don't know who's responsible for fixing it.
    Edit: Okay, pyplanet seems to not have this issue? Maybe an issue with other controllers instead.
  • TM: Apparently under certain circumstances the car changes size, like in Turbo.
    This happened during spam's weekly.


  • ALL: There could be a counter that turns on automatically to show how close you are to using your quota of embedded items.
    It would be very useful!
  • TM: No time difference shown at CPs while driving validation times.
    This makes it difficult to improve your author time.
  • TM: An easy option to save the replay of your validation run to the folder of your choice.
  • ALL: Can't save maps with periods, colons or slashes/backslashes in the map name.
    You could do it pre-MP4. This makes it difficult to update maps while maintaining the same UID.
  • ALL: Turn on item embedding by default.
    I see people all the time forget to turn it on. Just have it on my default. There's no downside.
  • ALL: If a map is started in one mood (e.g. Day) and time of day is changed with the Dynamic Time of Day feature to another static time of day (e.g. to Night), the GBX header will falsely claim it is a Day map in the saved map file, even though visually it's a night map.
    Perhaps the mood name should change based on whatever time of day it's closest to.

  • SM: Broken replay editor
    More info: viewtopic.php?f=564&t=41754
    (private beta forums link)
  • Camera Custom with anchors in the MT is partially broken
    If you switch the replay, the camera jumps to the next one with its previous relative position.
  • Trails do not start and stop correctly.
  • Fog does not start and stop correctly. It's always there.
  • SM: Sometimes if you move the red position cursor back a little, the projectile will be only a white beam. All color is gone.
    You have to move it back to the right a little to get the effect back.
  • ALL: Lag increases over time until it finally crashes the game
  • Old TitlePacks are incompatible with items created in Mesh Modeler
    They show up as bright red.


  • Inconsistency in UI and UX across the game.
    I've heard this is possibly the focus of the next major version of ManiaPlanet. I hope so.
  • In-game updater should support resuming downloads.
    A common source of frustration is when updates stall and have to restart over and over. I've seen many users have this issue every time there's an update. So, in addition to resume-able downloads in-game (or as a stop-gap measure):
  • An easy way to download updates outside of the game without having to download all 5 titles
    Many players would prefer this. A notification about the update in-game. A quick way to download the update using your web browser, install, and continue playing.
  • The same as the two requests above, but for TitlePacks, especially larger ones like RPG or F1.
  • Mouse cursor does not disappear after a few seconds of not moving it when you switch from SM to any TM title.
  • SM: Game does not give mouse focus back to the OS immediately when you tab out of the game.
    You have to click a few times to get it back, which is annoying..
  • TM: The big speedometer can be distracting. Add an option to toggle it.
  • TM: Old gameplay UI is used often, instead of the new one.
    For example, when loading a map or replay from Windows, or Install & Play from MX.
  • TM: Opening maps (or replays) from the browser (install & play on MX), or from Explorer, opens the file in the titlepack currently open (e.g. Competition TP) instead of the titlepack where the file was made (e.g. TMStadium).

  • Add an option to play with random vehicles/skins.
    Right now if you delete your selected car, the game defaults to choosing a different random car for every race. I love it! I want this as an option to choose normally. Make the first skin in the list be called "Random" so you can choose it and have the game pick a different car for every race.

  • ALL: When viewing a folder of replays or maps, there's no way to jump to the end of the list or jump by 10 pages at a time
  • Better sorting:
    A column for environment.
    A column for date the map or replay was saved.

  • Favorite Servers Tab is missing
    Makes it very difficult to find servers and develop a community around them.
    As of November 2017, this was half-fixed. Favorite Server can be found in title overlay, but not inside the title itself.
  • Missing "select all" button for map selection when creating matchsettings
    If you have 50+ maps to load, it can become tedious, and even risk the next:
  • The script often crashes when selecting maps quickly while setting up matchsettings, thus making you have to close the game and start all over.
  • Laps mode. After 10 laps (sometimes less), the CP times are gone.
    It happened on Spam's stream last Saturday if you want to see proof of it.
    Haagse took a screenshot of a guy called Belek who, according to the CPs is driving in 1st position, while he is probably driving closer to 25th position. In Spam's video you can see the CPs at Lap 9 are gone and he is moving up to 1st position (same as everyone). CP times shown are Nadeo ones, so it's not a controller issue.
    More info: viewtopic.php?f=601&t=42355 (private beta forums link)


  • Give TitlePack creators the option to change maximum embedded LM quality for maps created in their TitlePack.
    It would only add 5 to 20 MB per map file. RPG TP is already nearly 4GB. 20MB is nothing. High or Ultra LM is beautiful. Let's enjoy it while driving, not just for screenshots and video renders.
    Original request: viewtopic.php?p=290182#p290182
TrackMania 2 TitlePack
  • Update needed for full MP4 compatibility. Bring multiplayer back.
    Many players used it for hosting competitions and for building tracks.
    MX misses hosting Multi-Env Knockouts, as we used to do every week.
    Worried that not enough players have all 4 titles?
    In a recent strawpoll, 59% of voters on MX own all 4 TM2 titles.
  • Ability to build with other cars in Stadium when using Multi-Env TitlePacks
    We already know how Stadium feels with other cars. We already know Canyon was great in Stadium. Valley and Lagoon probably would be as well. This only affects Multi-Env TitlePacks, so please grant us this freedom to expand the possibilities of creativity.
Platform TitlePack (Canyon)
  • Waiting on update for full MP4 compatibility.
    Can't it be updated with Canyon Maker? I've heard a surprising number of people who are begging for this to be updated.
  • Solo campaign tracks are broken. Updated versions are on MX.


Mania Exchange has a problem with replay uploads. And you may be able to help us solve it. It's actually the #1 most requested thing we hear about on MX. "When are you going to fix replay uploads?"

So, there are obviously thousands of maps built in the TMStadium title on MX. Many players enjoy playing on servers or in local play in the Competition TitlePack, and other TitlePacks, but we'll use Comp for this example. Maps that were built in the TMStadium title are often loaded onto servers in the Competition TitlePack and played. The resulting replays are saved with the esl_comp@lt_forever TitleID.

On Mania Exchange we currently don't allow replays to be uploaded that were driven in a different TitlePack from the one the map was built in. The main reason is we don't want someone to take a map built in TMStadium, and drive it a TitlePack with modified physics, and be able to drive a better time than otherwise possible.

What we need is some way to verify that the replay driven in a different TitlePack was driven using the same physics as the TitlePack the map was built in.

Perhaps the game could look at the map and what title it was built in (TMStadium). If the physics of the titlepack you're currently driving in (esl_comp@lt_forever) matches the physics of the original TitlePack, then save the replay with the TitleID of the original TitlePack the map was built in. Or have some way we can verify the map is using the original map's physics.

Your help would be much appreciated, and I know many players on MX would appreciate it as well!

Thanks to florenzius, shadow, riolu, Vulnerra, Haagse, Dennis, BushMonkey, Ozon, Lucario, Eyohna, amin22, Racho, Clearvision, Keissla, Voyager006, Flood, Chocolleight, ChallengeSY, Marius89, Lars, HYPE, and Toffe for contributing to this report.
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Re: Maniaplanet 4 - July update

Post by Xymph » 18 Aug 2017, 17:45

Excellent work compiling this report. :thumbsup:
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Re: Maniaplanet 4 - July update

Post by TMarc » 18 Aug 2017, 17:59

Absolutely. I'm positively shocked and very much impressed, top work, guys :1010
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Re: Maniaplanet 4 - July update

Post by tcq » 18 Aug 2017, 18:02

Exactly, well done. Precise bug reporting and very well formatted for easy reading. This is how you do it :thumbsup:

The video were the car gets minimized is just wtf :)

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Re: Maniaplanet 4 - July update

Post by eyebo » 18 Aug 2017, 20:18

Thanks Xymph, TMarc, and tcq. :)

I've edited the post to include colors, since some items in the list are suggestions, not bugs. Color legend is at the top of the post.
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Re: Maniaplanet 4 - July update

Post by Demented » 19 Aug 2017, 15:43

Wow Eyebo! Nice report!
I've gotta say I agree with pretty much all your observations.
A few personal notes:

Item Usage counter in map editor; :thumbsup:
eyebo wrote:"Turn on item embedding by default.
I see people all the time forget to turn it on. Just have it on my default. There's no downside."
True for the most part, but keep an option available to turn it off because... If you are working on a map, create an item, save the map with embedded items on, then reload the map to work on it more, you can't make adjustments to an "embedded item". So if you have a new item you are adjusting for whatever reason item embedding needs to be off. But I agree, by default, on is better.

ADD: Hide the mouse during replays.
eyebo wrote:"TM: The big speedometer can be distracting. Add an option to toggle it."
eyebo wrote:"TM: Old gameplay UI is used often, instead of the new one."
eyebo wrote:Add an option to play with random vehicles/skins.
:thumbsup: I love this idea. I have many vehicle skins and actually change them every time I race. This option would be a HUGE time saver for me.

Add "SELECT ALL" option to replay editor and if the "select multiple replays" box is ticked, let it stay ticked so we don't have to check it every time.
I like to race against my top 24 replays on tracks quite often and selecting them one at a time is very tedious. Plus if you want to view 100 replays at once it can take a long time to select them and may eventually kill my mouse.

TM2 TitlePack: :thumbsup: I've been quite vocal about that one. I would like to see it return (or similar features).
eyebo wrote:"Ability to build with other cars in Stadium when using Multi-Env TitlePacks"
:thumbsup: I'd love that too.
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Re: Maniaplanet 4 - July update

Post by Alexey85 » 20 Aug 2017, 19:38

I don't know why but I have a feeling it will take at least few months to address any of those things even if it is as simple as returning back a feature like Royal cam. But I lied, I know why. Because Nadeo always work like this, always end up biting way more than they can chew.

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Re: Maniaplanet 4 - July update

Post by keeth » 20 Aug 2017, 20:37

One addition to the SM sedction:
  • Teams in ShootMania stil doesn't work. It would be good if nadeo could have a cooperative relationship with ObsMania and ManiaExchange. That way we could have 1 team at all the different sites.
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