Welcome to the Community / Events forum (Please Read)

Find all the medias (videos/artwork/wallpapers and more) created by the Maniaplanet Community as well as the events organized by them and the CHANNELS information!

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Welcome to the Community / Events forum (Please Read)

Post by Cerovan » 18 Aug 2015, 10:25

Hello everyone,

This new forum is dedicated to the medias and events created by the community.

To have a nice and organized section, please follow these rules a simple tag system which taking this form: [Type][Environment]. For example [Event][TM] means that a thread is about a Trackmania event, [Media][SM] is for a Shootmania Media (like a video).

If you want to talk about creating stuff, please use the Workbench section of the related environment on the forum :thumbsup:

Thanks and have fun! :yes:
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