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Posted: 11 Aug 2017, 19:02
by Davidecls
Hello.I'm David and i'm a player and fan of the TrackMania series.What i wanna introduce you today is an ideea that i consider 101 on a scale to 10 of epicness.And not just for myself,for all of you guys,in general,because i am sure you are part of the community of Nintendo Switch owners.That's right.This is my ideea.I want to be able to rule the tracks on the go,on 720p,at 60fps,and on TV at 1080p 60fps.Just imagine how cool this would be! And Nadeo,if you read this,please make this happen,coding for the switch is a breeze,as i myself work in the it domain.LOTS AND LOTS OF LOVE FOR NADEO AND ALL OF YOU GUYS !