Valley campaign (Packimage competition)

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Valley campaign (Packimage competition)

Post by Zenith » 04 Feb 2018, 08:51

My new Valley campaign will be ready soon. :thumbsup:
And the white maps very soon
. ;)

But, because there's always a but. I'm in need of inspiration for the name, the image. I have a whole idea but I can't make a good image on Photoshop. My idea is Maelström because all my maps are a concentrate of all my ideas. I may have the idea, but I don't have the talent. :(
I will give 5000 Planets to the one who will realize the most beautiful picture. :thx:
This image must be 16:9 image . 8-)

Deadline : 05/03/18

Good luck! :P
He who reads this, ... can read :roflol: :gobananas:

mp login : akilehad
My Valley Campaign is done
Check it here ! :viewtopic.php?f=538&t=43760

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