Mod Ideas - Lagoon

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Mod Ideas - Lagoon

Post by null8fuenf10 » 25 Apr 2018, 21:31

Hi @ll,

i posted it before, but its been a while since and i posted it in closed Subforum.

So, i decided to post it again in the Community Forums.

I have two ideas for Lagoon Mods and i'm sure they would fit perfectly into the Lagoon Secenery. 8-)

I'm not skilled enough to do mods by myself. So i hope someone who is, loves the ideas, too and do this. :3

  • The first idea, is a "Sonic, the Hedgehog" Mod. The Lagoon Scenery could be perfect for this! Lagoon is fast, Sonic is fast! Yeah!
  • The second one is a "Pirates (of the Caribean)" Mod. With a wooden Rollercoaster, Pirateships and overall looking of this kind of age.

This are the two most important ideas i had, i would love to see to come to truth! Hope someone love this ideas,too.

null8fuenf10 :pil

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Re: Mod Ideas - Lagoon

Post by scavfan » 26 Apr 2018, 00:23

Ideas are nice and I would be really glad to see lagoon mods, but I'm not sure that these will happen. Ever since MP4 update modding became more difficult (or people simply don't make mods as often anymore?). On Mainiapark site (and anywhere else for that matter), I cannot find a single lagoon mod.

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Re: Mod Ideas - Lagoon

Post by Demented » 26 Apr 2018, 15:13

I like the Pirate theme idea. :thumbsup:
Not sure it even has to be a mod with the new item capabilities. Perhaps just a good item kit could be done by someone.
Of course the there is a limit to item usage on a map.
But, a few things like ship ruins, treasure chests, pirate caves, rope bridges, skeletons, dynamite boxes etc... Could be fun.
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Re: Mod Ideas - Lagoon

Post by hackie » 26 Apr 2018, 17:07

You should contact Wraight ( If I'm correct ) about it , he is a Master in building Mods.
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Re: Mod Ideas - Lagoon

Post by TMarc » 27 Apr 2018, 11:07

You mean Wraith ;)
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Re: Mod Ideas - Lagoon

Post by Florenzius » 27 Apr 2018, 11:53

I wonder how there is no official mod yet.. but it seems like the player number on lagoon is just too low. However, I am currently working with lagoon textures and modding, but I can't promise to release it to publicity

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Re: Mod Ideas - Lagoon

Post by wraith » 27 Apr 2018, 12:20

Hello everyone.
I am out of doing mods for any worlds, due to couple things.
1. No graphics card till the 28/4/2018 lol not the best but it get me off using on board graphics "ASUS Strix 1050ti"
2. specular textures i simply can not get my head around it, sorry, over the years of doing mods i have been lucky to get help from 4 great people, sadly three of them not around anymore and the 4th got NO time for helping me.

Now if someone wants to help me and make the specular textures when i am finished making mods, i can have a play around with lagoon, but first i would have to make a text mod to see whats or what

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