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Re: ManiaPlanet video batch

Post by SiH13 » 03 Oct 2016, 13:19

nando pls fix this

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Re: ManiaPlanet video batch

Post by Ozon » 07 Dec 2018, 19:29

The batch render works beautifully. Only bugs it still has:

- Sometimes the skins are ignored (I think it only happens when you have manually changed the skin in the replay before).
- The editing cut renaming issue: If you have multiple editing cuts in a replay, it renames the next files ".avi.avi, .avi.avi.avi,..." instead of incrementing the number. The worst thing about it is, that the split video files (..._001,.._002) are overwritten by the most recent split video file. That means that the most recent split video from another clip will overwrite a previous split video clip.
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