TM2 Replay Editor is changing all our K-project car skins to a silver skin

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TM2 Replay Editor is changing all our K-project car skins to a silver skin

Post by summerdrive » 28 Mar 2017, 03:20

My 6 year old son is really getting really good at Trackmania and he wants to make a K project. I'm quite amazed at the tracks he builds and I want to help him & make it look great. I heard that others have used the TM2 MediaTracker/Replay Editor to make higher quality videos of K-project replays which were made in TM Nations. We want to use Nations replays (like some other other K projects we've seen). This way Nations users can participate too - and Nations is what his friends have right now. I'm really happy about the rendering quality using the TM2 Replay Editor. It looks fantastic - much better than the Nations or United Editors. BUT there's one problem I can't seem to solve: It makes all the car skins into a silver skin. We'd much rather have the original skins.

The replays will use the standard Nations Car skins (with the 3 letter country abbreviations like "GER"). The Replay Editor shows what skin was used in each replay so it knows which skins it should use. However, even though it knows what the original skin is, it won't use it, and just shows a silver skin.

I can of course "change" each skin back to it's original in the editor because it allows you to change the car skins there. But this is a lot of work for several thousand cars! I'd have to do them each, one at a time. I tried it for 50 replays and it works, but I don't want to do thousands that way! It seems strange to have to do that because the editor already shows me what the skin should be!

I thought maybe someone here has figured out how to fix this or a way to do it easier. Is there a script or program or maybe even something I can do in a hex editor. I would even write a small program myself if I knew where in the gbx file I should make the changes. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. My son and I want to make a bunch of high quality K-projects and I think everyone here would love to see them too.

Thanks for any ideas.

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Re: TM2 Replay Editor is changing all our K-project car skins to a silver skin

Post by SiH13 » 02 Apr 2017, 05:12

I, and other creators, would be eager to help you if you gave us more details and have a live chat in the trackmania discord channel at:

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